Josh Gordon Reinstated...Kick the tires?

Apparently they are letting him play again and he is free to sign wherever he wants. His contract has to be nothing at this point and he was never really a team distraction anywhere he played, just an addict.

Tempting, but doesn’t feel like a gray future move. Debt to income ratio on him is a long way from showing up in the green.

He probably has fewer functioning brain cells at this point than I have fingers


We should bring him in. I’m a firm believer in 12th chances.


No thank you

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Lions are cats.
Cats have 9 lives.
He’s on 8 already, so he must be a cat by nature. Why not us? Better he go to the Jags or the Bengals?

Dude weed isn’t anything.

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If you kick those tires too hard does purple drank come out of them?


Hell yes what do we have to lose? Developing Goff should be a top priority to see where we stand. If he earns playing time by beating out guys sign him up and put him on the field.

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Didn’t someone say Very Loudly…NO TURDS!!! ?

Josh Gordon is the biggest turd since Jurassic Park.

There is a 0.0% chance Manic Panic MCDC lets this guy come in here and teach all the young kids how to fuck up their football careers.

No Chance At All.


If he does then you know MCDC is completely full of shit

Wait, you’re asking me if I want to add a much older high risk, low reward player that could shape the hearts and minds of our impressionable youthful players even though he has a history of being unavailable in the league due to suspensions related to league policy and local/state/federal laws?

50s boy would i GIF


The laws don’t apply to the elite or corporate America so why not?


Well… this makes sense.

Of course it does. Andy Reid is a smart guy

Maybe we should see if Josh is still on the roster in 6 weeks before you stroke off Andy Reid.

History says he won’t be

To be fair, I think Andy has already earned that handjo, regardless of whether or not Gordon stays sober.

spank hand job GIF by funk

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For his overall achievements…ya…for signing Josh…time will tell
But to be fair it is fairly low risk. I doubt they paid him big. If Andy has 1/2 a brain, which I am sure he does, that contract is a 1 year deal pretty low in garunteed money until he proves himself

The last time Josh had a good season, Adrian Peterson was coming off of a 2,000 yard rushing year.


Lol, 9th time’s a charm like they always say!

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