Josh P says

Rookie Josh Paschal sees himself as a ‘big defensive end’ on Detroit Lions’ d-line


Good insight. I feel like that’s the best case scenario, with the limited knowledge I have.

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He was rated first round 18-26, by almost everyone.
Just one of many steals.

Sooo…is he Corey Redding? Is he Robert Porcher?

Id think between…sort of Ziggy-esque, without the atherosclerosis, hearing loss and arthritis.

Id be ok w a Ziggy outcome for him. Big difference in expectations between 5OA and Vikings 2nd round gift


I can see that comp… but Paschal is quicker and more explosive than Redding. Just about an inch shorter… so maybe not gonna carry the same weight if moved inside???

so he’s the Ansah :neutral_face:


Just in watching his highlights he looks like Elvis Dummervil or Dwight Freeney. But I have never watched a full game that he has played in so I’m not sure of his flaws

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Nice one!

ha ha I thought so, it was fitting.

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