Josh Pachal has sports hernia

Heard it this morning on the radio, DC I guess said it yesterday addressing the media.

They also said that all but one player passed their conditioning and that was someone who just started running this week.

That kinda sucks , don’t them take awhile to heal ?

I dont know the difference between a sports hernia and a regular one


I dont know if a sports hernia is worse or not. Ive had a few regular hernia’s but not sure if they still fix them with mesh or not, i know i can still feel mine from time to time if i overexert myself lifting weights.

Despite its name, a sports hernia is not actually a hernia. The condition’s true name is athletic pubalgia. Although the symptoms are similar, the pain and pressure from sports hernias are caused by torn tendons that attach to the pelvis instead of an abdominal muscle separation and protrusion of intestine or other soft tissue.

From: Sports Hernia | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Makes me wonder why they call it a hernia then! :thinking:


Protruding Intestines is my new band name.


Just read non-surgical recovery is 6-12 weeks. So if it happened in OTAs a month ago he might be another couple months. Maybe back for game four?


Do we know that surgery wasn’t involved?

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It just sounds pretty bad especially for the position that he is playing lol. my guess is he will be like levi from last year. basically a red shirt year. hopefully im wrong.


Every single year with the 2nd round pick. It’s completely bizarre.


I didn’t read anything about a surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised though if he comes back around week four, re-injures it again then schedules surgery and goes on IR


And here it thought PI was …. Private Investor….


Same page - This is what I’m betting on.

Edit - I stand corrected. He already had the surgery.

Wow…every day we have more and more signs that this isn’t the SOL.


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As far as I know, Birkett is the only reporting that he had surgery. He said he had it in the offseason (not sure if it was before or after rookie minicamp).

Dave Birkett


Dan Campbell confirms rookie second-round pick Josh Paschal had a version of sports hernia surgery, why he’s on PUP.

Campbell didn’t mention “surgery” in the presser this morning. Not sure if Birkett made a mistake.


He mentioned the surgery at the beginning of ota’s. At that time, Paschal was expected back in 10 days.

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Yup first thought I had. We have basically lost him for the year. For a rookie to miss all of camp and the first part of the season and come back and make an impact at his position just isn’t a realistic expectation.

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Congratulations, you’ve been picked in round #2 by the Detroit Lions!

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So I went Private Investigator then,

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