Josh Paschal .... any updates?

Has anyone heard anything about his progress? They said at beginning of camp 6-8 weeks…hasn’t that passed? Apologies if answer is in another thread.

Good question… he’s not on IR I don’t think?

Have not heard any updates

He said in an interview that he doesn’t play with losers. And if we want him as a part of the program, we will have to start winning first.

Also - How about Vatai?

Know more in 3 games I imagine right??

On which one, brother?
So in 3 games we get back
Vatai, JaMoss, and Paschal?

I think he’s on the NFI list and out the first 4 games

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That’s when they are eligible to start practicing with the team. Plan on after the bye, at the soonest.

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In theory, Jerry Jacobs, Levi Onwuzurike and Romeo Okwara plus those 3 could join the team and practice right after our 4th game against the Seahawks. Did I miss anyone?


Jamo will probably be out until week 8 or 9, and even then we might hold him an extra week or two.

I thought he was coming after the bye?

Maybe, but I didnt think so. Maybe there’s something I haven’t seen. Would love to get him back ASAP as he will be a total game changer for our O, but I don’t want to take any chances rushing him.

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So after bye


Should be a good week!

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? I must of missed that

They could activate Romeo Okwara after 4 games, but I get the sense–without any real information–that things are moving very slowly for him and that it might be best to wait until 2023 for him. I haven’t heard or read an enthusiastic word about him from anyone.

I was kidding

If he isn’t healthy enough to play in 2022… and considering that an Achilles is one of the worst injuries to return to previous form… I wouldn’t expect the Lions to pay him another $11 million in new cash for 2023.

That seems like a decision… take a paycut…. or get cut.


It’s got to a point with Paschal, as much time as he has missed that he probably doesn’t help us much this year. I could be wrong, but on college film looked like a guy that did well by having better technique, try hard guy, understanding what the other team was trying to do etc.

He’s got some power to his game so give him that as a plus trait. Usually as a rookie if you aren’t a twitchy bendy type you need the practice reps to be successful year one at his position

Seems like a pretty athletic guy to be classified as a “try hard guy”…


He tests well, & plays with power. The twitch & bend on his film is nothing special is what I’m saying. Maybe he can make plays year one as a power player, but that’s easier said than done (usually you need the reps, hand placement, rush angles, timing as a power guy)

I expect Jamo to make an impact right away when he comes back, Paschal I’m thinking year two