Josh Paschal vs Keion White

It’s irrelevant and hypothetical
But who ends up having the better career as the BIG DE edge setter?

2022 2nd round pick Josh Paschal
2023 2nd round pick Keion White


Interesting factoid, Paschal is almost exactly a year younger than White.

Personally I’d take Paschal in a heartbeat, but then I was never White’s biggest fan pre-draft. However if anyone can make a defensive player shine, it’s Belichick, so he went to the right spot.


Actually White is exactly 1 year older than Ziggy Ansah. … he looked like a pissed off 50 year old man at his draft party.

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Keion White is definitely older than Marvin Jones.


Interesting fact, did you know Ziggy was 37 when drafted by the Lions.

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But to be fair to Ziggy, he did speak out about the age thing and called it BS. He said he never lied about his age. We like to joke. But i hope people realize it wasnt true.

" Along with questions about his health, Ansah answered questions about his age Friday after a news athority reported this spring he was two years older than his listed age. Ansah said he’s 28, his listed age with the NFL.

“It is what it is,” Ansah said. “Coming from Africa, anybody can say whatever they want to say, but I don’t let that bother me at all.”"

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Hey, that dude looks old! Check his papers!


Although I’d say the same thing if I was Ansah. Better to be younger for free agency. :smile:

The best was the dude in Windsor, Ontario several years back that was 30 years old playing high school basketball. Hilarious story if you have never read it, makes me laugh every time.

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Man sometimes guys just look old. When I went to college one of the guys in my freshman dorm was balding, had a full black beard, and already had wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He didn’t look a day under 40.

Great guy to know when you’re under 21 though.

You went to college with Natty!?

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