Judging linebackers....?

I think the toughest position to judge is the linebacker positions. (QB ain’t a walk in the park either, but…)

So I really can’t judge Kravon Walker. What did the board of all you Lions fans have to say about Jarrad Davis? And wasn’t Ziggy Ansah a backer? Were people high on him?

Ansah I thought was decent. Davis not so good.
I’m new to the board, so what did you all say? I love Walker but think a DE would be a better choice.

Ziggy wasnt a linebacker. He was 6’7" freak athlete DE who was awesome for his few healthy moments. Their rarity was his downfall

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Thanks for the correction. I thought I might have that wrong, but wasn’t sure. He played DE on the same line as Suh and Fairley. Loved Suh and Fairly playing next to each other. And Slay, Diggs and who was the other safety? Under Caldwell. Made the playoffs in two years? Who were the backers on that team?

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Ziggy Ansah was a DE an Walker based on physical an testing compares to Ziggy
just a shade better

as @CuriousHusker mentioned a few days ago … Ansah really started breaking down physically around age 46. :rofl:

The problem with ziggy was he was actually 45 yrs old when drafted


Those snaps at DT for BYU did him in.

If only Ansah could have not been so brittle. The guy was always hurt. Every year, it seems like. I’m sure playing next to Suh and Fairly helped his productivity, but he had plenty of talent his self. Just too damn bad. He even got hurt when he went to Seattle I think. Hate to see a player getting hurt constantly. Especially if he’s good.
As for Davis, initially I liked the guy. He seemed to be all over the field. At first, anyway. If he wasn’t in on the play, he was near it. (I could be wrong or be thinking of another player. I’ve been guilty of that before. He’s not the only one that sported a Lions uniform that came up short when needed)Then I noticed he was doing a lot of chasing the ball carrier instead of taking him down. Over-persuing, missing tackles, being a step or two behind the ball carrier and just flat out getting burned on plays. Hopefully they can put some resources into this defense as priority #1. My favorite words for defense are: smothering, punishing, dominating, fearful, offense play calling adjusting, and a few others, but I think most can get the point.

Ziggy was far more dominating coming out. He was just Raw and couldn’t seem to stay healthy.

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Greg Oden disease

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