Juicy Mike Silver Interview with McVay on Goff and Stafford (3 days ago)

Note: Silver is a known Cal Homer and Goff fan. In fact, when there was early turmoil between Goff and McVay, Silver was the one that seemingly communicated Goff’s opinion externally. They are close and that is mentioned in the interview.

I time stamped it for the Goff portion and will share notes/thoughts below. Would love other takes!

  • McVay starts by disclosing he didn’t communicate like he should have that they were exploring options. This is pretty well known but good to hear it first hand. Goff felt blindsided.
    -McVay mentions a ton of respect for Goff and all that he did and is playing good ball for the Lions once they got some weapons like Reynolds. He got a congrats text from him after the Super bowl win and that meant a lot.
  • Goff was genuinely positive about Stafford and deserving the shot at a SB to Silver.
  • Whitworth said that Stafford had an easier time pushing back on McVay than Goff did due to experience. This was the difference. McVay confirms that. This could have been an issue with Goff and Lynn as well.

Seems like they have mended rift a bit. Both are focused on their futures not the past. Appreciate all they accomplished, and the most important part to Lions fans should be that Goff is very capable of moving this team to the playoffs.


Announcers were pointing out the different dynamics between Goff-McVay and Stafford-McVay during games. With Goff, it was student - teacher, do what McVay says, McVays way… or else. With Stafford, it was vastly more collaborative.


I love how Stafford has always spoken his mind w/OCs.
“Here’s what I’m seeing”
“That might work”

I also love that Goff has more of a voice w/Coach Dan. Literally giving him input on the offense.
Still going to be some building of continuity, this year. We already know J-Will won’t start immediately, and that is a HUGE difference maker as to what is/isn’t open.


Sometimes it just takes time and age to find your voice.


Cool find, thank you for posting and also giving a summary. I’ll watch as soon as I can!

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J-Will or Jamo?

WR J-Will

And I think part of that was that Goff’s only experience was with McVay. Stafford had experience with several OC’s and just had more info to share w McVay. Its likely Goff takes a big step forward now that he’s on his third OC (really fourth if you count Lynn and Dan).


LOL, I guess you don’t like his nickname!

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What is noteworthy in the interview to me is that Sean left the door open a couple of times for Mike silver to be the bigger man regarding whatever little dustup there was with he and Aiiman, but silver refused to go through the open door and man up.


Yeah Silver definitely had the tables turned on him and wasn’t ready!


His arrogance prevents him from considering even for a moment that he could or should show a bit of humility or grace.


Stafford was the same way with Linehan and Lombardi. He didn’t really have a voice until his buddy (Cooter) became OC.

I felt like he got along well with Linehan but also felt like he thought Lambo was a moron.

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