Julio Jones about to get $20M a year

That … that is just ridiculous.

He is thirty and the extension would be 5 years. I would understand that amount if he was 24 but he’s on the downside of his career. Tom Brady makes $15 mil with 6 rings.

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This is dumb.

I’d NEVER pay that much for a WR.


I know there isn’t a chance in hell that he plays through the whole contract, but wow. Thanks for completely boning the WR market for everyone else.

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But…did Atlanta overpay? Cuz only the bad teams overpay.

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Yes, they are going to overpay because they feel (just like the Lions did about Calvin) that he is a necessary component in their offense and without him they will fail. The main issue is that he simply does not score a lot of TD’s, He is a huge fast guy that is almost always the best athlete on the field every time he plays but he just doesn’t play like it.

He is probably the most overrated WR in the league right now. Mike Evans had almost as many yards and as many TD’s while having trash at QB, Hill had almost 30 less catches yet scored 4 more times. Last year he had 3 TD’s and has only scored 10+ once in his career. Compare that to a guy like Antonio Brown who did it 4 out of the last 5 years. He is an excellent WR but people seem to judge him based on athletic talent and not his numbers.

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Overpay for QB, overpay for WR = imminent victory.

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Antonio Brown on line 1, and he sounds PISSED

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I guess they are trying to keep the peace while their window may still be open for 2-3 years. Not wise. They should look to move him for picks.

man I really wanted mike evans back in the day. I know it would’ve been nuts with calvin too but calvin was getting older and it would’ve been an easy transition.