Just a Rumor?

Big risk, unless they can restructure a deal…and hopefully trade.

High risk/high reward move.


So this is where it came from. I didn’t want to start my thread about our flexibility if we tag Golladay and cite a YouTube video as the source.


It’s the prudent way to go. Invest in a high end rookie that can be a number 1 by year 2. Then we can let KG walk if we can’t work out a deal.


I always thought that if we moved on from him it would be in a tag and trade, so this doesn’t really change anything about it. Now if he can’t work out a long-term deal with the team that wants to trade for him, that likely keeps him on the roster for another year. Either option is fine, really.


I’m not a cap guy, but it feels like It could limit the roster in other ways. I don’t know wtf I’m talking about, but it feels like, in a covid year, less cap, injuries, etc. I feel KG is high risk/high reward, not only for us, but for any team. IMO, a team who is KG away from title contention is the only place that makes sense for him.


If we invest in a high end rookie, who becomes a #1 WR, then we won’t be working out a deal for a #2 wanting #1 money. Especially one that hasn’t remained healthy.

This is definitely the most prudent way to go. KG should be playing again for his next contract. In our current stage of rebuilding: Everyone should be performing for real money that is not already signed. Everyone should be trying to be a part of the future and not the past. KG’s no exception. Stafford wasn’t.


I think a lot of us feel the same in that a tag/trade makes the most sense. Now the question would be is in this offseason for 2021 pick or during the regular season before the trade deadline for 2022?

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I just don’t see it as a risk, not even a little.

Titans- 19M between C Davis, Humohries, Brown
Tampa- 14m between Evans, AB, Godwin
Chiefs- 33M between Hill, Watkins, Hardman
Packers- 18m between Adams, Lazard, Scantling
Browns- 31M between OBJ, Landry and Higgins
Bills- 32M between Beasley, Diggs, and Brown
Bears- 18M between Robinson, Miller, Moody
Saints- 13M between Thomas, E Sanders, T Smith
Rams- 14M between Kupp, Woods, Reynolds
Seahawks- 15M between Lockett, DK, Moore

Notice the lower numbers from NO, Tampa and Rams… it’s because it was structured for early contract, low cap numbers for Thomas, Evans and Kupp…

Michael Thomas got 5 years and 100M. Kenny won’t get quite that…

Thomas had 6M and 7M hit years 1 and 2, then 18M (next year) and then 22- after that he’s very cuttsvle or restructure. My math says 53M in total cal hits in 4 years to a top player that they can move on from in 2023…

We can do the same with Kenny G… say 5 years and 90M is the deal…

Pay 6M against the cap, then 7, then 17, then 20 then cut- 27, 28, 29, 30 year old seasons then cut him.

Let’s say they take Smith or Waddle- not only would they benefit from easier coverage, less doubles etc, but the. We’d have a real balanced receiving corps

KG- 6M
Waddle- 4.5M
Cephus- 600m

We’d have a cheaper group than any listed above for 2 years, then in years 3 and 4 we’d still be under 30M.

It’s literally the big responsible plan.

He’s a very good player. Good players get paid. We need a #1 receiver. Tag him, if we get offered a 1st or 2nd and later pick, sure… if not sign him long term.

Kenny Golladays 2021 cap hit on a 90M contract would need exactly what we save by cutting Trufant

So Kenny Golladay and Mike Ford and Trufants dead cap collectively cost what just keeping Trufant would.


How much faith in Lions who know him best to know what he’s worth ? How much of a risk it is … like deciding to have Swift be the feature back despite a big concussion last year ?

I think to Barry’s comments on Golladay -
He sees him as legit difference maker.

Hoping we see how much a head coach makes a difference again.


Injury - biggest reason. To me, there’s a ton.

Your post does help me out w/cap a bit. Definitely could work out, if he stayed healthy and was cuttable later. Get the rook on a friendly contract before the last second. LOL.

I see him as a difference maker too…if healthy…that’s the key. I really like KG.

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I wouldn’t force a player who doesn’t want to be here for what we deem our best contract offer to be here. Golliday possibly flaked out because of his contract situation last season and he is injury prone and should look out for himself to get a big longer term contract when it’s his time to get it. If Detroit and Golliday can’t reach a contract that both are content when then just let him walk. Don’t have bad feelings around the first time HC and new staff.

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This is why I like the tag. We saw stafford injury history then 9 years on the field. The tag mitigates risk and gives us an extra year to decide based on what we see. Plus he looks imperative to our chances of having a competent team on O this year.

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Put Smith or Chase on the other side with Hock and Swift that’s alot of top tier pass catchers out there.

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I don’t see it as much as a risk.

  • $15.8M isn’t horrible for a WR
  • If we are keeping Goff (retooling, instead of rebuilding), it gives us a year with Goff to see
  • Potential to trade, as if we are retooling, we probably won’t be in line for comp picks
  • At this point, it’s only one year, to see what you want to do.

I’m hoping they get us another really nice RB as well. Really nasty shit, if ppl can stay healthy.

I’m hoping lions medical shut him down early seeing writing on wall for Patricia Quinn
And actually protected Lions valuable asset for when it mattered.

Like maybe they did him a solid he’ll appreciate even if he’s tagged

I see big risk in tagging him if that doesn’t make him happy but I’m hoping because they’ve been knowing him , they will know the inside deal

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Just get us a 3rd this year and draft his cheap replacement and win win.

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Every player is a risk reward move. I think tagging him has the potential to be an investment move even if he ends up playing the season, because you can tag him again. If he has a huge, splash year, he’ll be worth even more next year, either for the Lions or someone else. I still think a Tag and trade is the objective. With a team that has so many free agents, and the odds of replacing them without dipping into free agency, I think it’s the best play to get some type of return on KG.

Just looking at it objectively, what are the odds that we DON’T sign a free agent wide receiver that’s going to see significant snaps and production? Anyone you sign like that is going to greatly lessen, or even potentially nullify, the comp pick you get for KG. The only reason we got a 3rd round for Suh was because we replaced him with Ngata via Trade.

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