Just draft defense

The offense is ok put your picks on the defense .

I think we need to address our running game as well. It’s supposed to be our identity and it 'a been horrible as of late.


I personally really really want Bijon Robinson with our first round pick.


If we sign Chark to another one year contract to pair with Jamo, I’d say draft an guard with one of our top 5 picks and a late RB. The rest defense.


I have no clue who Brad will be targeting, but I suuuuure hope it works out that we are targeting a RB or 2 (I would love Bijan or Gibbs).


I was under the impression that the RB depth in this draft is huge.
Sure, you always want the best back in the class but Swift was taken in the 2nd round and the DT need is too large to overlook IMO.
No matter what happens the Lions have 3 very high picks (one early in 2nd round) and I’m sure they will be put to good use.

Game is still won in the trenches and that’s why I still say DT somewhere in the first 2 picks.


This is why I hate to have my heart set on a player or position….you just never know what the team is really thinking and often times they do something totally different than what you want them to do


I hope we can somehow get a really good one. If thy think Carter or Beresse (sp?) are a good one for years to come, I’m even about moving up to get someone with one of our first 4 picks.


It is…. Bijan, Swift, and a pair like Jackson and Jefferson would give us an elite backfield at
Roughly 7M apy. Yes please

I’m definitely on board with taking Robinson, probably would trade Swift for hopefully a 3rd rounder draft day

Then go crazy drafting D, maybe mix in a Guard if possible

This offense would be insane, especially if they keep Chark

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Our entire RB room could end up being gone in 2 years. I’m sure Bradley will plan for the volatility of that situation.
Signing/not signing Williams will be the first domino to determine where that energy goes. I would not be surprised to see us go RB in first 3 rounds this year AND next.


It’s a good RB class. Round 2-3 will hold some value.

I’m a fan of Zach Evans. He reminds me of AP.

This draft has some really good scat backs and receiving backs in it too.


With 5 top 3 round picks I am moreso hoping we tackle key positions. I figure the expertise I will just trust Holmes eyes.

My 5:
DT, CB, LB, RB, S or rd 2/3 QB. You get me that top draft and I will be ecstatic. And I won’t be unhappy with a guard either!


I myself had said bijan in the past and to me both sides of the argument makes sense get a stud talent who goes bananas in an already established offense w a great line. But the counter to that is you can find quality players who “go bananas” in the middle rounds. So I think w everything that is going on if I’m Holmes I’m going defense the first few picks unless I’m completely in love w AR15 and then I’m looking at running back in the middle rounds. When we get closer to contention THEN I’m making a move on earlier for the No brainer elite rb……

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I could agree with that move an the Swift move for sure.

not bad idea they will have better idea after combine about other RBs an workouts I think they should consider both direction early or maybe third since we don’t have a fourth yet.

If they think they can get DL man an a CB to go with a CB an RB in rd one that also might be a idea. Depends on FA signings also. If the sign Payne an say a CB like Dean they can go RB sooner.

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Holmes is not so far shown interest in LB I think at least two CBs

A DT unless we sign one in FA

I lean to drafting a OT rather than a OG reason if he fails at OT many make good OGs an some end up major swing OG/OT