Just Get It Over With: Official Lions vs Packers Game Day Thread

Keep it here …

Hoping to see lots of Zenner. Which seems more likely with Blount being limited all week and Golladay out.
Also looking to see if Stafford can do anything with zero help at WR. I expect to see a lot of Toilolo today.
This should also be a final audition for Teez Tabor today. Could be the icing on the cake for him regarding his bust status.
Want to see if Okwara and Kennard can keep busy. They’ve been absolute steals for this team and the future looks bright for those two.

Well, good field position for the second drive. Let’s see what they can do with it?

And they run Blount.

3 carries. 3 yards.

I know its been an ugly year, but I have to say this 2nd half defense has me excited for next season. Cant wait to see what they do with some real roster changeover and with our vets having experience in the scheme.

And yes, Im tired of Blount getting stuffed up the middle…

Why in the hell do we continue to jog Blount to the line of scrimmage? This is simply unwatchable.

Does this mean the Lions are slow rolling their Blount?


Yeah, keep fing with Blount.



Reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock…Interjections!

The announcers are making me uncomfortable. Anyone else?

I think they are trying to bring some entertainment to this game. Not sure it’s working…but yea, I noticed it as well Nate.

They’re entertaining.
My favorite, “don’t forget, coming up we have meaningful games…”, Or something to that effect.:rofl:

Yeah, 3rd person is a 5th wheel.

That’s our guy!
We’re keeping Zenner fresh for next game.

Extend Blount.

“He doesn’t have social media. Kind of a hermit. Likes hitting human beings.”

OK, I guess once you realize the announcers are more entertaining than the product on the field, it becomes more tolerable.

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Pitch and catch to Powell was Tate like.

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This is effing hilarious!

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