Just how much impact did the Lions Ref F***ing have on the playoffs?

You know I said it then ….Greenbay game & KC game .

Our season crapped the bed it’s irrelevant but to the rest of the Playoff teams it’s huge .

Rodgers and his smug comments on how bad calls evened out after that early win against us and how they have been on the wrong end before ……

These playoffs look totally different with GB playing in the Wild Card Round and the playoffs going through SF or New Orleans or with KC playing in the WC and NE having the Bye Week ……

It’s truly disgusting to have an entire playoff bracket be so impacted by bias and favoritism for teams that benefited in it’s positioning in the playoffs because they got calls against a team with the #3 pick in the draft.


At least the Lions had an impact on the playoffs for once.


Isn’t SF the 1 seed?

It wasn’t the Lions. It was the refs. We just got screwed, again.



You could basically say this about every team. The Refs have been horrible in damn near every game.