Just imagine next year

Holmes has 2 sixth round picks in next years draft . This dude is going to have a field day !!!


No. I’m enjoying this year for a change.


He should just trade down until he controls the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds :grinning:


No doubt ! Best drafting of my lifetime !!


And I’m 46


Lol two time starters/pro bowlers coming up


I imagine….

K Ringo
Bijan Robinson
John Michael Schmitz
Jack Campbell
Will McDonald IV

  • I’ll take that inside the top 80….

Spend what it takes to get Vonn Bell, J Hargrove and resign Chark

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Not a big fan of Campbell. Good effort player, but IMO he’s soft and for a guy his size he’s pretty terrible at shedding blocks. That’s just from the limited amount I’ve seen.

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Next year, we are contenders out of the gate.


Not a fan of Ringo at all….

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Yeah I haven’t seen a lot of him, but he’s seems a little stiff. In my mocks I actually have us taking Christian Gonzalez with our 2nd first round pick.

Ringo is my main mutt.

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Excuse me!

I lnow we have a lot of free agents and can’t re-sign tuem all…
but this will be interesting how Holmes addresses the free agency period and then the draft.

I think they have to feel confident that the draft will fill many of the “holes” on the roster…. but I really hope a lot of the guys that are role players re-sign as well.


My last mock went something like this. Lol I usually don’t do mock drafts this early, but the way we’re playing right now I’m excited at the possibilities next year.

4 Jalen Carter DT Georgia - 3 down interior rusher that we really need

15 Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon - Long athletic corner who can play in both zone and man coverage.

46 Cooper Beebe OG Kansas State - Played LT in college, but best suited at G in the NFL. Eventual starter at one of the G positions.

61 Andre Carter II EDGE Army - Great length and athleticism. I think the Okwara’s day are numbered and you can never have too many pass rushers.

78 Zach Evans RB Ole Miss - North to south runner. Basically an eventual Jamal Williams replacement.

146 Jalen Graham LB Purdue - Former safety turned LB. Sound familiar?

166 Jaren Hall QB BYU - Doesn’t have great height. Throws with good velocity and accuracy. Typically makes good reads from what I’ve seen. Has mobility and can use his legs to make plays. Backup behind Goff.

178 Jaylon Carlies S Missouri - Long athletic safety who can play in big nickel situations. Can start out playing STs.


Ahhh the all Jaylen and Jaren draft!

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It’s December and people are talking about how we have more draft picks than spots available on the team. What the hell is happening here?

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