Just looking over WR and I still want one

Is there a WR out there free and clear, we can bring in to compete?

Here’s a list. Dez Bryant and Michael Crabtree are the highest rated on the list.


Dez for the right price. Can we afford the right price? He’d fit this offense and even if he never played a down, immediately make WR’s better. Nothing like a push and someone breathing on your shoulder to wake you up.
But, he’d definitely play!
Imagine, we could go 4 WR’s or 4 TE’s!

Not sure if he is capable of checking his ego at the door. Not entirely sure of his blocking capabilities either. Not to say he’s bad at it or anything, I just don’t believe he was asked to do it all that often when he was with the cowboys. Whatever BQ decides to do I’m fine with at this point as I find myself agreeing with his assessments far more often then not.


I wouldn’t touch Dez. I wouldn’t mind one more WR but I think with more two TE sets with TJ and James we’ll be okay.

Oh, by the end of this season, we’re going to have the strongest TE room in the NFL!