Just talked to Bob

Trading down and picking Braden Mann from Texas A & M…


keep your receipt.


lol I was being a smart ass…just talked to BOB>…(Quinn) , I was saying better hang on to your receipt , so you can get something back ….lol

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Smartass, we must be related…

hey welcome back to the DEN for real though . you always been one of the best posters and another long-term bro like some of us …hope to see you get posting more !!

I use to post more when I was bored at work. Now that I am retired I am to busy golfing…lol


I do have a question, is that the real espnbaby or did someone steal his name?

He’s real, and he’s spectacular.

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His good friends just call him “E”.

Did he let you touch his draft bat?

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So he is the one that use to post many many years ago?