Justin Coleman to the Dolphins--1 yr for worth "up to" $2.75M

How the mighty have fallen.

Tom Pelissero


Former #Lions CB Justin Coleman has agreed to terms with the #Dolphins on a one-year deal worth up to $2.75 million, per source.

Since he was cut, not a factor in the comp pick equation.

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Coleman was a bust here

Holy shite!!! The Lions were definitely overpaying for that dude.



I’d take him back at that price though but he was way over paid. Just like every BQ big signing


No doubt. You’d think they would have talked restructure since we are moving to a heavy zone secondary (allegedly). What he did as a zone slot CB in Seattle is what landed him that big contract. Then of course we moved to 90% man to man… because… of course.


“up to” 2.75 million, meaning that’s not even the base value of the contract. My gosh BQ handed out some ridiculous contracts.

I wouldn’t… I already know he sucks. He’s on his 4th team in a 6 year career. He was I drafted if memory serves me. I’d rather give snaps to Mike Ford or a guy like him.

I sure hope I’m right about Holmes and company, and the first piece is not paying ANYONE over 2.5M who is a net negative starter with little to no upside.

See Kenny Wiggins, Jesse James, Christian Jones type signings- wow does that look like a really… really bad way to spend 10-11M…

I’d much rather have Brockers, J Williams, and an unstaffed free agent for the same $$$

Coleman could prove to be a decent player in Miami. He already proved not to be here though…

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Only because MP was bigger bust in Detroit.

We’ll never know what he could’ve done had he gone to a better situation

At the time , I wonder who Lions were bidding against to give him that contract.?


Not really against anything they’ve done

But if considering J Williams
He might be the third back given KJ potential

So is that a lot when they could get a UDFA
Bo , Mosely , etc as that’s how j will started …

If they use him because he performs or is better than kJ

I just get confused on where Lions fans see the value on running backs of anything

Jesse James and Coleman were going to get signed when the lions signed them. How much lions over paid might’ve been because they had to outbid the teams in the running.

If the coaching isn’t right
It’s just moving around pro caliber nfl players.