K’lavon Chaisson- let’s talk - is he better than Josh Allen?

Chaisson is one player who just jumps out in games at you. That lead me to taking a harder look at him and the more I watch him the more I like this kid. If he tests as well as I suspect then I think he will be a top 10 pick. I honestly think he’s better than Josh Allen was last year.

Personally I think he’s the perfect fit for MP’s defense because he can play with his hand in the dirt and out of the Jack LBer spot. He’s a better pass coverage defender than you’d think. He was frequently paired up against TE’s in coverage and did well.

As a pass rusher he has an amazing first step and a relentless motor. He has a burst of speed that OT’s are going to have a difficult time handling. He has some pass rush moves too and he uses his hands extremely well. I think he’s a lot better than the stats suggest.

He’s pretty good in run support and sets a solid edge. But if there’s any knock on this kid I’d say it’s here. He’s pretty good at run defense and he has a lot of range, playing well in tracking and pursuit but he does sometimes get swallowed up by strong blockers.

Personally I see a kid that has a huge upside and could very possibly become one of the best NFL player in this draft class.

If he tests well at the combine I think he will be in talks as a top 10 pick. I like him a lot. Especially in a trade down scenario.

What are your thoughts on him?

Here’s a scouting video vs Alabama just for good measure.

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I don’t think he’s even close to Allen,not sure how u come up with that. And I’ll bet he’s no top ten pic. And really don’t see a great fit either.

Afernee Jennings is a better player and a better fit, he can play hands in dirt , he’s stout against run and can rush the passer , and he’s strong in coverage witch we haven’t had in a while, he is also 6’3 263lbs and should run about a 4.6 40. This guy can cover the RB and TE, he can play in the middle or outside and also with his hand in the dirt. Perfect for this Defense

I can see the appeal. My thing though is if you can’t hustle playing @Alabama then what are we even doing, you know?

The biggest concern I have with him is injury. He’d been injured a lot and I’d be worried taking him round one. And I don’t think he is a sure thing like some of the other guys.

But he’d definitely be an upgrade over Kennard.

Keep in mind his 2019 season he was coming back from injury.

It’s why he looked so much better later in the season vs early.

See I think Chaisson’s quickly become one of the offseason’s most overhyped prospects. I like a lot of what he brings to the table obviously, but he’s a lithe guy, and he’s got no sand in his pants and I’m not sure he has the frame to add more. He’s this year’s Harold Landry to me… slightly better against the run maybe and slightly worse as a pass-rusher, but similarly lithe. And when he flashes against the run it’s usually when he blows it up in the backfield, setting the edge isn’t a strength, and I’m not sure it ever will be.

From a Lions perspective, we don’t like our guys to be so lithe or light in the pants. I agree with Mouse that Anfernee Jennings makes a lot more sense for us. Not my favorite prospect (in face I’d have Chaisson above him), but he fits like a glove and can be had much later.

Chaisson needs to go to a team like Tampa where Todd Bowles could unlock his full potential in a Shaq Barrett-like full-on attack role. That’s how I think you get the best out of him, and that won’t happen here.

I’m just wondering who Voch Lombardi is and what his credentials are? His film breakdown is almost unwatchable!

Chiasson will be lucky to be drafted in the first round at all, let alone the top 10. Most likely a day two guy, late 2nd to early 3rd would be my guess. One year wonder, does nothing well but looks like he could test better than his play so he’ll be over-drafted in hopes of coaching him up.

I think I like Terrell Lewis the best out of the 3-4 OLB types. He and Darrell Taylor seem to have the best all around tools given our system.

Josh Uche May be a little bit smaller than we would like at that position but given how well he did in coverage during Senior Bowl week he adds another skill that those other guys probably don’t.

I’ll bet money Chaisson goes round 1

Based on what?
What are you seeing that makes you want to think this?

K’Lavon Chaisson | EDGE | LSU

Height | 6-4

Weight | 250

College Bio Page

Career Stats


Chaisson is an athletic freak at defensive end. He is a guy that you line up on the weak side and allow him to use his athleticism to win against offensive tackles. Chaisson can use his length to his advantage to keep offensive lineman from getting in on him. At times, he shows the ability to hold off tackles with one arm allowing him to make a play on a ball carrier with his free arm.

Chaisson is a bendy edge defender, he can dip under tackles with good balance. His first step can be lethal against tackles coming out of their stance, puts pressure on lineman to hurry through their sets. As good as the first step is for him, closing on ball carriers pops as well. He shows no problems with backside pursuit, he will also shoot gaps that really disrupts offenses.


At times Chaisson reminds me of Ricky Bobby, not quite sure what to do with his hands. Needs to refine his technique with hand fighting. NFL coaches will be able to mold him as they see fit. He won mostly off athleticism and power rather than technical prowess.

Medical re-checks will be a key in regards to his draft stock. Chaisson tore his ACL in 2018 so teams will need to do their homework but based on his play in 2019, it shouldn’t be a big concern.

Bottom Line

K’Lavon Chaisson is going to be a top player selected in the NFL Draft. Disregard the sack numbers, the production will come at the next level once he works on his technique. Very reminiscent of another LSU defender in Danielle Hunter.

Projection: Top 25

I think he’ll go late in round 1 as well

You just posted an evaluation that says he’s going top 25 and you are asking me where I’m seeing he’s going round 1?

If he’s there in the second round, maybe.
Last year’s injuries on defense should have everyone skittish. I know it’s part of the game, but, I don’t like the thought of a repeat.

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Well, I saw this scouting report after I sent my response to you. So when I saw this draft projection, I shared it to kind of confirm what you said, kind of for your sake as well as mine. I think he’s viewed higher than what his stats showed.


You are correct about the production. If he goes in the first round it’s based off of upside/projection

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If he tests well at the combine (like expected) I would bet he goes the top 1/2 of round one.

Possible but that may prove tricky. I’d have to think the following are fairly likely to go in the top 16:

Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Young, Okudah, Thomas, Wirfs, Wills, Simmons, Lamb, Jeudy, Kinlaw, Epenesa, Becton, Brown.

One or two of those will ultimately slide. That leaves a couple spots open and I could definitely see Chaisson sliding up given his upside and the dearth of quality 3-4 edge guys.

All the EDGE players will get overdrafted because it’s a very weak class regarding quality. After Young, there shouldn’t be another one drafted until the 20’s, where you have Espenesa, Gross-Matos and Chaisson. But they may all go much higher. Personally I think the one who will jump the most is Gross-Matos because he’s been played out of position so much at Penn State. They had him log a ton of snaps at NT for some darned reason. Anyway, once he jumps out of the gym and runs a low 4.5 at 6’5 265 and they see how he can move around, I think he becomes the #2 guy and will be a top 10 pick.

But the bendy, explosive edge rushers tend to go later than projected, especially of late. Harold Landry is the best example, but there’s also Christian Miller, D’Andre Walker, Jalen Jelks, Lorenzo Carter, Arden Key, Dorace Armstrong… they all went lower than we thought. Even Josh Allen went later than anyone thought he would, and Brian Burns was drafted near his floor. I think Chaisson is destined for the latter part of the 1st round, or early 2nd.

Only was Chaisson goes round 2 is if the medicals don’t check out.

And I think it’s absurd to call Arden Key explosive.