Kaden Elliss

Luther’s son, according to Saints fans he stepped in for Pete Werner last year and was excellent, both against the pass and the run.

And he’s a free agent.

I worry that he might get too expensive but if he doesn’t, he’s exactly what we need. And Dan and AG should know him pretty well.


It’s important for DL to remember there is still opportunity for penetration after football.


But that is a good find. Seven sacks as well. I had no idea he had that kind of season, or existed for that matter.


He’s pretty much perfect for what we need IMO.

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Was he mostly a pass rush piece on 3rd? Seems his 40 time coming out was 4.58 hand timed so low 4.7s :man_shrugging:

Thx. I’ll watch in full when I have time to do so.

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Most of those are sack highlights since they’re the flash plays, but Saints fans rave about his coverage skills.

One of the announcers calls it out how they were using him to get those sacks, some sort of odd blitzing DT on passing downs. He had a name for it but I forgot.

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Interesting. I should have guessed Saints fans would deal in hyperbole. Maybe those coverage plays stuck out in their heads, I don’t know. So still a TBD in regards to his coverage skills. Worth kicking the tires on anyway.

I don’t think that passage is really an indictment. Check down city is my guess.

More on Elliss:

In terms of metrics, his Jesus talk to tackle ratio is though the roof.

Luther has 1 more kid to go to get his jersey # match (9+4)

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Wow, Luther was building an entire defense in his spare time!


I’m wondering if they are his biological kids or adopted
Luther always talked about wanting to adopt a TON of kids.