Kansas City Game announcers and officiating Crews details

Justin Rogers (@Justin_Rogers) tweeted at 5:37 PM on Tue, Sep 24, 2019:
Lions draw the broadcast crew of Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis and Pam Oliver this week.

Walt Anderson’s crew will officiate the game.

Alright so here goes.

2019 - Walt’s crew did the Rams vs Saints game where they screwed up the fumble returned for a touchdown by the Saints. The other two games were not real games…it was Cowboys vs Giants and the Redskins vs Bears.

2018 - He did our game vs the Seahawks and then our game vs the Vikings late in the year. We lost both games.

2017 - He did our game vs the Cardinals and we won.

2016 - He didn’t do any of our games, but it was an odd year where almost all of the home teams won.

2015 - He did our game vs the Rams. They made a bad illegal block call on theo Riddick that took back a big gain at a key moment in the game. I know its conspiracy theory but I felt like the fix was in on this game, as the league wanted the Rams to finish strong on their way out the door to LA. The Rams struggled all year but suddenly went on a brief winning streak leading up to the official vote for relocation.

2014 - He did our game for the division in week 17 vs the Packers. There were several terrible calls that hurt us bad, including a punt return touchdown that had several blatant blocks in the back. But I also recall a blatant hold on Reggie Bush vs Clay Matthews that wasn’t called. I remember Clay’s reaction to the non-call. I guess he’s not used to that.

2013 - He did our loss to the Steelers that year. I don’t recall anything unusual about that game other than Schwartz don’t coach skerred!

2011 - He did our season opening win vs the Bucs.


I checked the 506 coverage map. The Lions-Chiefs is Fox’s feature game for 12pm. We will be televised for most of the nation outside of regional games.


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