Kayode Awosika's Debut

The announcers were glopping Skipper and Kayode together in most of their blather, understandably. Starting two 3rd string guards is a significant storyline, but to my eye Kayode played better and pretty well for his first start. Yes, he caused a quick sack by passing off a rusher to Sewell who was fully engaged with an edge rusher. And he got absolutely trucked on a run play that was a 4 yard loss.

But he moved well on pulls, they ran behind him on some critical short yardage plays, and pass blocked OK except when he blew that one assignment, IMO. No, I am not a trained professional. Any one else have an opinion?

I suppose PFF grades will resolve this in short order. LOL


Just some FYI here:
he Eagles lost promising offensive lineman Kayode Awosika off their practice squad, according to NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.T

Garafolo reported that the Lions signed Awosika to their 53-man roster Wednesday.

Awosika, 23, joined the Eagles last summer as an undrafted rookie from Buffalo, where he was teammates with current Eagles tight end Tyree Jackson.

He spent the first 17 weeks of the season on the Eagles’ practice squad and was active for the meaningless season finale against the Cowboys, when he made his NFL debut and played 43 snaps.

He focused on both guard and tackle this past summer and didn’t have quite the training camp he had as a rookie. When the Eagles were down three left tackles — Jordan Mailata and Andre Dillard had concussions and LeRaven Clark a hamstring injury — Awosika got first-team reps at left tackle, which did not go too well.

The Eagles released Awosika as part of final cuts on Aug. 30 and then signed him to the practice squad a day later.

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Maybe he’s an AWESOME depth guy, if he can back up 4 spots?
Maybe h can evolve into a starter.
It’ll be fun to find out.

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PFF gave him a 46. Pass a little better than run. Overall, that’s better than Skipper and Stenberg. We really missed JJ and Brown, pretty sure that game was a win with those two in.

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I thought he was pretty unimpressive. That being said can’t expect much from a practice squad type player

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Yes, he should not ever be put at tackle, unless you want the QB to get the Lomas Brown treatment. Guard is his position in the NFL.

I stand corrected.

The fact that they decided to start Kayode over Stenberg is very telling about Stenberg’s future with the Lions.

And man we go through guards faster than Jamo runs the 40!

I was hoping they would have a three guard platoon with Stenberg taking more reps on running plays. He can run block, he simply cannot pass block, but we could have worked with that with a platoon system.

I think he’s gone next year. Never liked the pick.

The problem with that is it really gives away your play calling, when you substitute a guy that can’t pass block. It says we are running the ball everyone! Of course you could try to mix it up still, but it’s a real giveaway to the defense.


I think Kayode is on par with Stenberg in the running game and already a little bit better in the passing game, with room to grow. I did a deep dive in that while figuring out today’s sudoku…

of course, that’s why i said three-way. you’re able to mix it up more.
though, some day, we won’t have to worry – we’ll be so good that we’ll be able to go up to the line and say, hey we’re running it and still gain six yards… lol.

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