KC left tackle Eric Fisher having surgery!

From Discover on Google https://www.kmbc.com/article/kansas-city-chiefs-left-tackle-eric-fisher-to-have-groin-surgery-in-philadelphia-cam-erving-replace/29110283

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Wow. That’s crazy.

Don’t know how Cam Erving has done in KC, but he was a disaster for the Browns.

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Gee, you hate to hear that.:crossed_fingers:

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Bobby Fisher?

Sorry, I don’t get it…and I’m a chess fan.

You overthought it. It was like a fart joke, so it went UNDER your head. LOL

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This is starting to get bizzarre. I can’t remember ever having this many lucky breaks this early in the season.

Yep - also bizarre how much turnover we are having at backup QB and RB. We’re going to have backups that still don’t know our playbook in week 12 of the season, at this rate.