KC what up?

What up with KC? Either the Lions showed how to beat them, or the Lions broke them, or the Lions are not that good. KC came back to beat Lions, lost to the Colts at home, and lost to Texans at home today.

I hope it was a blueprint thing, because suddenly that near-win isn’t looking quite as affirming …


The way that near win gets reaffirmed is to have a great game against GB. If they lay an egg against GB then that almost win in KC meant nothing. Lets hope for the best.


Patrick is coming down to earth now that the NFL has a season of tape on him and one of the best defensive minds in the NFL showed the NFL the best way to slow them down.

Just because we had a fluke fumble and some shitty calls does not change the fact that we outplayed KC even though people here always look for reasons to downgrade everything the Lions do

We could win the Super Bowl and half the people here would be like “yea but the whole NFL was weaker than normal this year”

But yes the KC game means nothing and we need to beat Green Bay bottom line


I think lion’s aren’t that good. I think we have been more lucky then good. I hope I’m wrong tomorrow, but I get that feeling they will let us down again.

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I would be shocked if you thought otherwise

I hope you’re wrong also but we will find out tomorrow.

But even if we lose that doesn’t mean we are bad or our season is an over. Winning in Green Bay isn’t easy for any team in the NFL…nobody. And for Green Bay winning in Detroit isn’t easy either

We need to go 4-2 or better in the division one way or the another. I hope we get one of the four tomorrow night but if we don’t just means we need the other ones really bad

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Till they prove they can win a BIG game I have no other thoughts.

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You can have the greatest arsenal ever. But if you can’t control the line, you can’t control shit.

Confirms what I said after the game. Matchups matter. How a team game plans matters.

Also KC’s defense is really bad. So run to control the game. Make some stops on them and dont make mistakes.

Normal Lions stuff. Lions beat a team, even if they look good at the beginning, they go under .500 by week 17. Lions dont beat teams over .500 very often.

I think it’s also partially a mental learning curve for Mahomes. In the end he just needs to trust his ability and will succeed against weaker teams. Not saying it’s all on him, his D and OL gotta play too.

Kansas City only ran the ball 10 times. Andy Reid teams have always had an issue with that.

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First, I said to many that KC has weaknesses. I even told my KC friends that the last time the Lions played a QB who was destroying the league, and coming off of a 50 point game, the Lions provided the blueprint to shut the guy down. I was laughed at and told that Mahomes is no Jared Goff. They even said that if Mahomes doesnt throw for near 400 yds and 3 TD’s, its like “whats wrong?” KC played the Lions, and guess what? They havent won since. Detroit outplayed them and got jobbed. Indy outplayed them. Now Texans outplayed them.

KC defense is terrible. If they cant stop the run, they lose the TOP battle. If you lose that, Mahomes stays on the sidelines. Mahomes thrives on throwing deep bombs to wide open receivers. The last few teams have focused on keeping Mahomes in the pocket and playing coverage downfield. Whats happened? Mahomes hasnt completed 60% of his passes, and has only 4 TDs in 3 games.

Mahomes is a brillliant player, but football is a team game, and with a team as flawed as KC, they can be had if you can stick to your game plan. Losing 2 in a row at home, its nice how quiet my friends have been. I know if the Lions lose tomorrow, that silence will end, but for 24 hours its beautiful

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Just showed that I believe, the Lions defense is not good as people think they are.


the defensive lion has issues and injurys


People really downplayed the loss of Kareem Hunt I think. They did the right thing cutting him but he was a ridiculous weapon.

Mahomes is dinged up and can’t move like normal. Their defense is a sieve, but plays okay with a lead…without a lead, forget it.

They are running the ball fine, just not enough. Andy Reid is just doing what he’s always done…curiously abandoning the run.


Agreed, they do need to run more, but they still lost a lot with Hunt. That guy was a legit threat to take any screen pass to the house.

Rodney Harrison just said “I go back to the Detroit Lions. They gave everyone the blueprint for beating the Chiefs.”