Keep an eye on the Jets…

This team went from a dumpster fire, onto putting it all together very quickly…. “IF” Z Wilson pans out… they could be in the conversation by 2023?

Breece Hall and M Carter- what a 1-2 lunch at RB

CJ Uzomah and Ruckert at TE

How about G Wilson, Corey Davis and E Moore as a WR corps making a collective sub 19M APY?

Becton is a huge question mark, but Fant, Alijah-Tucker, and Tomlinson is pretty good for 3/5 of the line.

Then Jermaine Johnson, Q Williams, Rankins, and C Lawson could be a heck of a DL

Mosley, DJ Reed, Whithead, Sauce in the back 7…

That happened fast…


Yep. If Wilson pops they’ve got something nice going for a long while. If Wilson busts then they may be looking at another regime change. :man_shrugging:

Agree. They have maybe the most impressive roster turnaround in recent memory. They are not playing around.

As long as their culture is right, they’ll be in a good spot.


I bet they wish they could swap for Mac Jones now. Mac would have a field day with that cast

Conversely… the Seahawks have had one of the quickest turnarounds in the opposite sirection.

In 2020, Seahawks won the NFL West with 12 wins IIRC… and now are a bottom 10 roster.

The Jamal Adams trade may rank up near the Herschel Walker trade when all is settled.

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They are just killing this draft. How they got johnson in the 20’s is insane.

If you look at Wilson’s rookie year numbers - they’re very similar to Josh Allen’s rookie year numbers. We’ll see.

Most of my family are Jets fans, they are excited.

They still believe in Wilson.-- he still has a higher ceiling.

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Top level bald guys in high ranking positions. Coincidence?

They not trying to out think or be the smartest guy syndrome. They’ve been solid

I’m hesitant simply because I need to see more from Johnson (he dropped that far for a reason) and I don’t see Wilson being the guy at QB.

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