Kellen Moore LOL

Kellen Moore: Ooof!

Oh God. Thought this guy was supposed to be some hot up and coming offensive genius. Sounds like he has a Bonehead to go along with that noodle arm.


Growing pains.


Kellen me softly



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Well, I guess we’re not the only team out there whose OC is dumb enough that the other teams know what they’re doing before the snap.

Wow just shows you how serious of a business the NFL is.
Watching tape of Kellen Moore from way back when he was at Boise finding out what hand gestures he was using. Dang.

That’s what I try to stress to people. The NFL is on its own planet when it comes to this kind of stuff. You have people that are paid very well to do nothing but sit around and think football 24/7. You have to keep changing, adapting, evolving and reinventing yourself. If you fall back on what’s comfortable from the past without setting it up to be able to do that…you’re toast, eventually. Bringing it around to QBs and not just focusing on OCs…its what separates the full time starters from everyone else. As Warren Sapp says “the quickest adapting organism on the planet is an NFL defense.” I joke about the difference between college and the pros. In college you can run the same stuff week after week and even carry it over to years of use. You can simply out athlete and out execute the other teams. In the NFL, you might run something and have success, and by the next damn series the defense already has it figured out.

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This was a funny moment where they called out the Panthers tendency and they switched it up on them.

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In today’s world I’m not sure why you simply don’t use your ability to directly speak to the QB via the headphones vs hand signals. Watching Marinelli on the D side was pretty entertaining as well, the “deer in the headlights” look every time they panned to him. They could have used a few more shots of Jerry in his box, priceless.

I was ready to crown Kellen Moore. I even started a thread suggesting him as the Lions’ next HC…wow

The OC does talk to the QB thru the headset. What they are talking about is the hand signals the players were using to communicate on the field with eachother. Apparently some of the ones Kellen had them using were from his college days.

Sometimes the best thing that can happen to you is when the opposing teams THINK they know what’s coming. That’s when gash plays can happen.

I can’t remember which game it was, but Peyton Manning was coming into town and playing against some old coaches and players he’d been with. The media was asking them about what kind of insight they could give into Peyton Manning’s hand signals, calls, etc. One guy astutely pointed out that Peyton knows so much about the game and his own tendencies, that trying to use something you picked up from the past is just going to get you in trouble. Peyton kept books on everybody, and he would know what you thought you knew about him, and make you pay for guessing. The minute you think you know the call for slant, its a slant and go. Touchdown!

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Rookie growing pains. He likely just learned a valuable lesson.


Screw the MVP year, that moment made me love Cam.

This is right on
Even though I get what you’re saying, I know I can’t possibly understand the depth these guys are taking it too. That’s one of the reasons I think we’ve finally got a real team in Quinn, Patricia and now Bevel.
We’ve now heard two times that others have leaned on Patricia’s work
We never heard that before
Bevel seems to be a tactician far beyond what we’ve seen before
A legitimate pro
Quinn and his revamped front office seem to be getting more and more successful at getting the right guys for these coaches
Finally!!! It’s getting interesting to be a Lions fan

Agreed this team feels different