Kelly’s mad at some of us

She says the media and some fans don’t know what we’re talking about, when it comes to football - and to “sthu”…

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She has to see Matt on Monday! Her, I will cut some slack.

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Good for her. Stafford is an elite QB. The best one ever here. He doesn’t have to apologize for effort, professionalism or talent. In fact, we should have better protected and developed him. There are only a handful better. He may not be the person we want him to be, but until he cannot do it anymore. I’m in his corner. Having suffered through Bill Munson, Greg Landry, Chuck Long, Rodney Peete, Jon Kitna…whatever one you want to back. Just because we were better than Chuck Schmidt, Matt Millen and Martin Mayhew that does not mean we know more than Kelly or the current guys. Matt and Kelly fan.


She just has to understand that the QB gets the blame whether warranted or not. That being the case, she basically needs to sthu. I can understand her position and the sentiment, but she’s a mom to 3 and the wife of a 10-year pro. Chill.

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well if she says so. NOT. we have watched this team over 40 years most of us…and some longer than that…but we don’t know wth were seeing or talking about?? The Lions have been one of the worst franchises in the league & the State of Michigan. WE lived through Lombardi, WE suffered through 0-16 , WE have no bowls or rings, and our favorite team is always lacking the instrumental parts to get there.

WE even watched our owner Martha Ford come down during LombardiGate and make heads roll HERE!!!..but we don’t know what were complaining about??

MAYBE she doesn’t know that we don’t HATE Stafford -her husband, BUT do expect a more consistent game out of him. that’s not asking much.

I’m not grilling her, but it’s not cool of her to sit back in her mansion telling the fans they don’t know wtf they are talking about , saying, or watching.

I fully expect her to stand up for Matt…he is her husband and the father of her 3 children. I’ll end it there.

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Kelly talks … a lot.

And that’s all I say on the topic.

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You got that right Wolf, most of us have been watching longer than she has been alive.

More importantly, she forgets how a sport like Football thrives. It’s mostly because us fans bicker and argue stats and opinions and go to the games and bet on the teams based on those opinions.

If we really did STHU, the sport would dry up and she’s be working at walmart herself helping her husband support her kids.

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has she ever held a full time job? or a job in general? I see she was a ‘cheerleader’, most impressive. Keep on that gravy train sweetheart.

when she pays money to watch crap, I bet she complains.

Read the Den experts comments. She is pretty much right.


Yeah, my first reaction was that she should know better by now. But the more I read the less I blame her for saying anything.


She’s not really making things better. If I were in Staffords position, I’d delicately ask her to chill with that shit

I get she wants to stick up for her man. Stafford probably thinks it’s cute.

But engaging the trolls like that only makes it worse. Her best course of action is to ignore them and move on.

After all everyone is entitled to their opinion. Right, wrong, well supported or not supported at all.

I’m not a Plummer, janitor or porta poti manufacture but I do know when shit stinks.

After getting sacked ten times, I’d ask her to get her Mom, sisters, and all of her extended family on social media to roast the local football experts.


High 8 figure net worth sorority leader, former college cheerleader, now rich housewife uses SM platforms to complain about working class people that pay her salary as to how stupid they are and shouldn’t therefore have an opinion.



Weasel, My vote today is that you win this thread


Weaz has never bitten his tongue :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ya gotta blow it all the way up to see Flo’s facial expression…trust me.

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Damn this is good.