Kelly Stafford on the mend

Positive news is always welcome:

She struggled with her symptoms once she returned home, and had to later check herself back into the hospital after trying to wean herself off post-operation drugs too quickly. But she’s a fighter, Matthew says, and it seems the worst is now behind her. Her rehabilitation has escalated in recent days, and she was even able to attend a wedding over the weekend.


Predisone can really screw with you. Glad she is making progress.


Good news. Be blasting her quads in no time.


Not necessarily. AN is no joke. It’s a life changer.

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Tounge in cheek reference to this past post of mine when Kelly was getting a bit saucy w the fan base

Meaning she is a fighter and will max out her outcome


Most wives are fighters when it comes to supporting their husbands. I know mine is, mess with me and right or wrong she’ll be in your face in no time and she’s gets mean too.

FYI, she doesn’t read this board, so no worries. Bring it.

Back to Kelly, I wish her and Matthew and their family all the best, as I’m sure we do.


I get it. None of y’all want a piece of my 4’10" Vietnamese ninja sweetie/ Asian Mom if you threaten her family…she will fucking cut you.