Kenneth Walker. First round pick?


Look, if we end up dealing Swift, and we think a late first rounder in the draft isn’t too early to spend on a back, that needs to be the pick. He made Michigan’s defense look silly all day long. I’m on the Kenneth Walker bandwagon.


Word - if someone is that high powered of a game changer.

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Dude can tote that rock :football:
What a game!


I really do like Kenneth Walker. He might go before our 1b pick at this rate though. He improved his draft stock a lot today.

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1st round RB is the worst investment a team can make.

I knew this would happen on here after that game and he’s a stud, for sure.

And we still shouldn’t draft him with a 1st rounder. Nope.


So trade our explosive proven 22 year old back for a 1st rounder… so we can draft another explosive back who is unproven? That is not how you get ahead or improve. I like Walker a lot… but come on.


That isn’t what I said.

I said if we end up dealing Swift, DOES it make sense to use a late first rounder on Walker.

Hell, even if we don’t deal Swift, I think we do this.


Let’s draft him…and give him #37! Older fans can dust off their 37 Walker jersey’s!


Too many other bigger needs

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Ok let’s draft Kenneth Walker III

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Or if you own a Tracy Walker jersey, that could suffice. Tracy Walker happens to be a III as well. Haha

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Although I do like his “K9” nickname. Would a rookie come into this team and have the balls to pick #9 off the shelf?

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I would hope so.

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We don’t need help at running back, especially with safety such a glaring need. I’m hoping to see Jermar Jefferson at some point this season, maybe even tomorrow if Williams is too banged up. He’ll show you why we don’t need another RB.

We need all the high draft picks we can get for the defense. I’d say pass and look at a guy like Haskins in the 5th if he’s there. That’s only if we trade swift though. Williams has shown he can be productive catching the football.

We’re not trading Swift. But if we did I’d really only be looking to add a pass catching back. JWill and Jefferson would be fine in the run game IMO.

Given the short shelf life of RBs starting a rebuild there would be the kind of thing the Lions would do.

I’d use a first for Treveyon Henderson or Bijan Robinson. That’s about it. Maybe Devin Achane. Those guys aren’t in this draft class of course.

How is trading a Swift and drafting a RB in the 1st rd a positive gain for the Lions? I would rather keep Swift and fill one of the other gigantic holes we have on this roster.


I like Walker but I don’t think he’s a first round pick. I think he goes in the late 2nd or 3rd round. I think Michigan bias leads us to overvaluing him. He’s not the best RB in this draft and teams just don’t place that kind of value on the RB position anymore.

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