Kenny Golladay--beast mode


WR Kenny Golladay has made his presence felt in just his third year in the NFL Few have been as good as Golladay in Tight coverage (less than a yard of separation) 2017-19 rec. grade in Tight coverage (min 30 such targets):

  1. DeAndre Hopkins
  2. Kenny Golladay
  3. Michael Thomas

Lions got the better investment:

Corey Davis 2017 5th overall:

110-1439-5 TDs, 22 20+ yard catches 2 40+ yard catches

Kenny Golladay 2017 96th overall:

117-1783-12 TDs, 30 20+ yard catches; 8 40+ yard catches

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he’s awesome but i wouldn’t mind having corey davis on the other side :slight_smile:

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Lions would’ve had to have had a lot worse 2016 record to be picking that high.

Galladay has great hands but you can’t count on any QB to keep throwing bullets into those tight windows. He just doesn’t get much separation. The TD throw Stafford made that went trough 4-5 players had about a 25% chance to succeed.

He’s a top #2 WR.

Golladay played out of his mind yesterday. So did Stafford.