Kenny Golladay (hamstring) was held out of individual drills on Thursday

I’d like to see Kerryon out there in one back sets and AD/Swift out there in two back sets. The latter retains the suspense of pass/run. We need to retain the threat of run in the first half while still passing to RBs out of the backfield (Swift), Hock and Danny. More play action with deep shots peppered in the second half. No one really knows how we’re going to manage our backfield and there’s no reason not to keep that suspense with our RBs and how they’re used.
I’m just thinking out loud, and lately thinking more about the Bears defensive threats, but I’ll be interested to see how the Lions approach it, and suspect it will be with a short game early. The Hicks/Jackson matchup should be enough to make any OC cautious.

I’m calling for a big screen game.

Will Golladay be the new glass joe? I hope not. I may send him to the bench and start AJ Green in fantasy. I swear this shit only happens to the lions :roll_eyes:

Did you really just mention AJ Green and say this stuff only happens to the Lions in the same post? I’m assuming you were joking and I missed it.

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There are going to be a lot of soft tissue injuries in the first few weeks. Likely tendon and ligament injuries as well.

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That’s definitely in the cards. Big time.

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I was expecting Golladay to explode this year and he already hurt. At least AJ Green is starting. Availability is more important that anything.

Do some research on the Bengals. They are snake bit as well.

Golladay is now listed as doubtful

And Vaitai is out.

On the Bears side, it looks like Robert Quinn might be out.

Dang, I have Golladay in fantasy. But I also have Marvin Jones on the bench, so hopefully Jones has a huge day.

I already had Jones in my flex spot, so hopefully it’s now a bonus. Sucks Golladay is probably out though.

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I just heard on the Fox Sports Radio that Golladay is out. Getting injured before the season even starts seems somewhat ridiculous to me. I have a feeling he is going to play about 2 games this season.

With Big V and KG out I’m expecting a ton of two TE sets.

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??? Are you talking about FF? I’m talking about reality against the Bears. Cephus is a backup cuz he ain’t a starter on the depth chart. He may or may not start against the Bears, but he’s still a backup.

Don’t forget Agnew and his speed, that has to be respected. Hall is fast too, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ty Johnson as a slot receiver a little bit.

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Yeah, likely but maybe not as much as you think. We may see some screens and quick passes cuz we do have some speed out of the backfield. The biggest question is how much time will Stafford get back there? Will our RBs have somewhere to go with the ball? Hope to God we can stay out of 3rd and long.


Hall is going to play a ton.

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Pulled my hammy twice… If he just did it I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed at least two games (including this one). If you come back too early you just eff yourself for the rest of the year. Ticking time bomb.

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Money is pouring in for the Bears in Vegas. This is not a good sign.

I thought you meant Cepheus was THE backup to Golladay. I’m talking about real football vs the bears. Was a genuine question damn

I pulled my hammy at the end of running the 100 at district finals. I still qualified for regional finals at U of Virginia. At regional before the event I was told to run around the track until my hammy warmed up and started to loosen. I kid you not I ran 2 miles. I guess it worked out in a way. I was fast, but not fast enough to win a regional. But I came away feeling proud and happy with my performance because of everything leading up to the run, and the fact that I didn’t finish last in my heat! Two dudes lost to a guy with a bum hammy that just ran 2 miles!:rofl:

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