Kerby rockets up the charts

With his performance yesterday, Kerby Joseph is now the second rated safety according to PFF behind only Antoine Winfield. For coverage, he is the highest rated safety by a fair amount. Looks like we may have found a gem here, the kid is a baller.


He is the Ra of the defense…possibly even better!
Go get 'em, Holmes! (love the double entendre with that now)


DROY should start getting talked about for him.

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I’d like to see him, Hutch, and Rodrigo all in the conversation.
Holmes is doing a great job.


Any word on Kerby’s health after Okudah knocked him into next week? Okudah better be careful or he will be the 1st player in nfl history to get an unnecessary roughness penalty for hitting his own teammates.

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Ragnow has also made the climb from 2nd worst center in the league to 5th best. Good job frank! India loves you! Lol


Lies, Damn Lies, then Statistics. Ragnow wasn’t the 2nd worst Center in the NFL when he was a Sophomore RG at Arkansas…


stats! :wink:

I know. That’s where they had him after the Eagles game. I watched that game a couple times. Once simply becomes of that. I have no idea what they were looking at because ragnow played well.

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I know right. Okudah was on steroids yesterday knocking everyone out. Elliot would have probably had that fumble recovery if Okudah didn’t jump on him and went out of bounds.

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Could watch this again and again, esp when the baby cries, wah wah wah!!!
I so wanted Rogers to stay another year to see scenes like this!

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Oh that play was so SOL… figured for sure we were losing after that play. Somehow we won!!

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all i could find was that he was in the protocol. but was also celebrating in the locker room after the game, lol.

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There I fixed it

He started late. He needs to keep it up the rest of the season.

His drafts are looking great so far. You can knock him for free agency but he hasn’t handed out any bad contracts. Once we get rid of dead cap space and have more money to spend we will see how he does.

If he keeps hitting on draft picks eventually we will field a talented team.


I’m interested to see his approach this offseason. It’s still early but his drafts pics have been showing. Even Barnes is starting to come around that will make a lot of hits in the drafts.


Thank you for this laugh.

Exactly. Bandaid guys that were never supposed to be part of the future are pretty much all he’s done. Gotta put humans on the field. There’s obviously a political component to it.

I’m sure they were hoping for Goff to do better, as well as Levi. Guessing all else is damn near what they expected. JaMoss is gonna be “brought back slowly” wink, wink…
Some of this is draft positioning, and ALL of it is for future moves.

This thing is being built properly for long term.

Love our bald guy!


Nothing makes me happier than being wrong where these rookies are concerned.
4 rookies starting and showing out on defense!
Barnes and Alim are taking the second year step.
Our first and second year guys are coming on.
Mitchell, he makes clutch catches, we know that.
Sewell is a beast.
St. Brown makes the offense work.
Come on, Jamo! He’s is going to have a blast.
When this team gets healthy, it could be fire!
If this team can get and stay healthy, they can do anything they want to.