Kerby, the gift that keeps giving!

Apologies if this has been posted before. I never create new threads, but this is just too awesome not to share. Love this kid more and more everyday.

I don’t have any social media to know if this is real or not, but it seems legit.

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Easily one of my favorite players on the team no doubt.

Character, class, and playmaker


I like Kirby.

I do think he’s going to be a solid player for us down the stretch and I suspect he will unseat Walker as our long term high safety. Maybe as soon as this year depending on how Walker does returning from injury.

But I cautioned fans. He’s still developing as a player and he will make plenty if mistakes along the way.


The starting safeties seem to be Kirby and CJGJ with Branch as the nickel. I think Walker is already a back up…. Which is probably optimal coming back from injury.


I agree, Tracey is in the exact same spot as Romeo last year. Contract, injury, young talent in front of him etc


I’m thinking they’ll play 2 outside CBs with Kirby and Walker at S and CJGJ as nickel. Branch will get plenty of play backing up S and nickel.


Sounds about right

Hutch, Cominsky, Romeo, Houston
Branch, CJGJ, Moesely, Sutton
Kerby, Tracey

Those 11 on 3rd downs to close out the games when we got the lead.

:fire: :fire: :fire:


The best secondary the Lions have had since I was barely a teenager. And it’s likely better than that. Crockett, Jenkins, Blades, White were the best of my lifetime. Hopefully this version is as good/better.

This is correct. People here have been writing Walker off ever since CJGJ and Branch were brought in and I think it’s a little shortsighted.

Walker is one of the leaders of the backfield and was THE leader last year before he went down. I’d be very surprised if it was anything other than you mentioned to start the season, barring any injuries.

I fully expect us to mix up the back seven far more than last year. Should be fun.


This. I think people are getting far too caught up in labels like “starter” and “back up.” If people are healthy there will be a rotation for sure. Given that Walker is coming back from serious injury it should shock anyone if his snap count is a bit lower. Especially to start the season while he gets his feet under him.

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