Kerry Hyder- 2/$6.5 re-up w SF

8.5 sacks last year at age 30…Thanks Smaaaht guys from Baaahstan! Don’t like cheap production and pressure I guess

Such a fat train wreck those guys were.

Am I the only one confused right now?


Nope, one of the strangest posts I’ve read. Lol

Kerry Hyder ranked in the top 24 in the league in sacks 2 of the last 5 years while making pennies.

16 starts and 18.5 sacks over that time. Consider 2017 was lost to torn Achilles, and he didn’t play much in 18’ likely due to not being recovered.

So really 18.5 sacks as a role player in 3 years while making next to nothing and with a pff rating of 68 per year.

How is 3M a bad signing. I think SF stole 6-7 sacks for 3M. We need to hope Charles Harris performs as well

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Hyder signed with Seattle not SF, and for much more money 3 year/16.5 million.

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Wow, good for Hyder! He’s had a solid career for being undrafted.

No idea what the title of the post is about though, haha. Weaselpup is messing with us I think or he’s on some good drugs! Share some with the rest of us :slight_smile:


2 years 6.5m with a voided 3rd year of 10m?

Sorry. Seahawks, was distracted.

Point being they stole him given the 3rd voidable year. and those two Patriots assclowns let him walk while singing us the praises of Rick Jean Fuckface, Fire Hydrant Tavai, Slow Mo Teez and the rest of the band of muppets they brought in.

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Hyder seems like a solid guy too
Worked his way up
Not good enough in Detroit
But plays in a super bowl

Can’t keep running out players and blame them.

Gotta hope these coaches eventually help us with that.

God Weas I love your posts sometimes :slight_smile: Keep it up brutha! Absolutely spot on

I think you are suffering from a serious case of PQPTSD - Patricia and Quinn post traumatic stress disorder. It’s no joke, don’t ignore it, seek the help you need. I believe you can overcome this.

Remember… you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you!

im smart enough stuart smalley GIF by Saturday Night Live

If only Deshaun Watson was a little bit more like Jack Handy, if ya know what I mean… he’d be in a much better position.

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Knock on Patricia’s door and do this!! You will feel much better. haha