Key quotes from players and coaches after the Lions defeat the Bears

  • “Fields was sitting there, didn’t see me, and it all happened really fast. The tackle was trying to pick it up, and I just kinda pushed the tackle and he ended up kicking it. And I booted it into the stands somewhere, so that’s going to be a nice little fine.” — Aidan Hutchinson


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Thought this quote was a great one:

2. Faith: As linebacker and team captain Alex Anzalone stood on the sideline watching that drive, he had one thought: Get the ball back to the offense with time on the clock, and Goff and his pals would go to work, which they did.

“Just get a stop, get the ball back to the offense that’s really it,” Anzalone said.

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I’ve seen this postgame Campbell video a few times now, well, several but whose counting, one thing stands out.

As DC is talking, players cheering enthusiastic and excited grinning etc there, in the background, Graham Glasgow is just patiently unwrapping the tape from his hands. No emotion, you can tell he is listening but just focused on getting the tape of his hand, unwrapping it from fingers, etc lol. Just made me laugh.


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