Keys to AZ game

Containment. Don’t let Murray out of the bottle.

Stop the run. Their RB1 is pretty good, but so is our run defense.

Pressure Murray, force mistakes. Win the TO battle.

Catch ball. Don’t lose it. Throw it to our guys instead of their guys. Simple really.

Run between the tackles. Sets up play action.

Make 'em pay deep if they load the box. Their starting CBs are both not playing.

PS is over. No more stupid penalties.


I think a pretty good list of keys
Murray is unlikely to be ready to throw with much success
Contain will be a key and they’ll be ready for that

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On paper, front seven has been considered the strength, so I’ve been told. Throw the playbook at the short rookie, hell of a baptism.

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Make Murray throw the ball, and then make him throw it again…

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Finding Amendola is going to be the key.


Amendola and our TEs. And if they try to cover Golladay and Marvin Jones one on one with backup CBs, make 'em pay for it. Arizona is not a good defensive team to begin with, so the Lions should be able to do what they want out there. And if Ragnow plays like I think he will, KeJo and CJA ought to do well running between the tackles. If you can do that passably well, then your defense is pretty much screwed.

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On defense, we should get consistent pressure and penetration without sending extra attackers. The Cardinals O-Line blows. Should be no need to blitz much and expose other areas.

On offense, attack the middle early and often. Their corners are beat up and their linebackers are average at best. Lots of slants, screens and draw plays would be in my game plan. I think we can get a few chunk plays down the middle, with an occasional deep ball.

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If we can grind on off. - making 1st down and scoring… we keep theirs off the field!

I am hoping for TO’s and 5 min plus on TOP!!

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I watched Hard Knocks this year and it was clear that Murray isn’t a fan of blitzes and pressure. He even said so after the game to AB how he hated it. I know Patricia doesn’t prefer to blitz all that often, but I think he should reconsider for this game and send the house at Murray constantly.


I agree with you guys, in that contain is the biggest deal, for the D. Make him pass, and don’t blow contain.

I expect James and/or Hock to have a big day. We may beat the crap out of them, but only score 20 points, or so. I don’t expect us to take a lot of chances.

We will try to run first. If we are successful, they’re in deep shit. If they have to stack the box to defend the run, it’ll be a long afternoon for them.

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AZ has a terrible offensive line, so obviously pressure is key, make KM beat you (in a similar mode that GB had with Turd last night).

If the Lions O line can give Stafford some time, they can rip apart the Cards secondary.


It won’t be like last year’s opener vs the Jets… Just got a feeling MP and this D will not let that happen again! It’s no secret how athletic and mobile Murray is, we’ll have a great game plan. I think they still score a couple TDs but we’ll force some turnovers and control the clock on offense.

An interesting take…

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Rely heavily on a strong run game. Set up play action. Torch AZ’s D. We win.
Easier said than done though. You can set up play action all you want, but if your OL plays as sloppy as it did in the preseason then Stafford gets annihilated.
Oline is key to everything you do on offense, and that is our weakness on paper. Hopefully we prove that wrong.
I have absolutely no problem saying every player on our offensive side of the ball can produce at a high level, the Oline needs to make that possible.

Not worried one bit on defense. Murrays legs or not, we’re 30x better than we were at the beginning of last season and we should have a fairly smooth task at hand. Especially with their garbage Oline.

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This is another huge factor some are missing imho so thanks!

Id make the whole team watch that jets game just before kick off to piss them off

ego’s play a role in performance - leadership )MP) needs to influence that here!!

Bingo! I think keeping them off the field and sustaining our own long productive drives is key.

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Score more than Arizona!

GREAT learning experience for Patricia. Last season messed with his identity, and it showed. This year, at the very least, I expect our D to range somewhere between fairly dominant, and and absolute nightmare for the other team.


Why not make sure Arizona scores less than us?


Voting for a super-ugly combination of the two.