KG was missing?

And I don’t mean just against the Colts.

What a bunch of shit.

Rumor until proven otherwise

I hope it’s a rumor.

If it has any validity, I am souring on him

Ya I’m starting to understand why he hasn’t got his deal.

Anyone see how he got hurt today? Didn’t seem he was too pissed to come off the field.

JLC is a damn good reporter. I doubt he made it up.

Why would he say this on TV but not twitter

He wants out. He looked like he didn’t care before “he got hurt”.

I’m not saying he faked his injury, but man, that looked pretty suspect when it happened.

I’m not defending KG at all but damn this coach and GM can’t do anything right.

I doubt JLC makes that comment based off a rumor.

Golladay is not looking like he’s going to be back.

Why don’t we wait for some confirmation for exactly what went down. Probably a good reason, if true. One would hope so, anyway.

If only BQ could have found a gem like this Fulgham kid in Philly…


That kid looks like a stud. Maybe we can trade for him?



Guess they’ll just CGI different colors on his Xmas commercial. Sorry Barry, you’re cut.

Just speculation here… Maybe Kenny G had the hip injury in the Atlanta game as he took a lot of beating. Maybe he was at the hospital on Saturday.

That he didn’t tell the team about?

It’s possible. If you keep ending up on the injury report or IR, you could lose millions of $ for another contract. Like I said, it’s speculation.

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Rumor is false per team.