Kid heckles Cam Newton - disrespectfully

What do you think of this kid?

If your hoping for a college scholarship you just hurt your chances young man.

Eeeesh. Kid is setting himself up for failure.

Sure is … sounds like someone spoke to him and he apologized but even in his apology needed work.

Wow, you are right. It was straight out of the non-apology playbook.

He basically said “I’m sorry that while I was being competitive in the heat of the moment I said some things that you people took wrong. Again sorry for the miscommunication.”

Who wrote this, Yupong?


@wesleysh21 it didn’t come across very sincere did it?

Yupong would not have had the acumen… trust me… I came up with yupong.

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Most apologies are bullshit anyway. If people are truly sorry, they will have a tendency to be hard on THEMSELVES. That shame energy that comes with that will perpetuate the insecurity that caused the shadow self/lower self/insecurity/lack of worthiness to show up in the first place.

Proper response is to look INWARD, see where the worthiness issue is, heal it within self, forgive yourself, and do better next time.

With couples, I coach men to literally say “I’ll do better next time.” “I can see where this came from, and there is a part of me that is afraid of losing you, I got jealous, and it came from an insecurity, as there is a part deep inside of me that is afraid of losing you.”

“my higher self knows you’d never cheat, and I just had a moment of fear because there is a part of me that doesn’t feel worthy of such an amazing woman…”

“I’ll do better for you, for me, for us, and set a better example for our kids, next time. Thank you for loving me through my insecurity. I know that it just means I think you are amazing and I’m lucky to have you.”

If everyone spoke like my clients, relationships would do A LOT better.


Hope Cam can recover from this huge setback. I absolutely hate kids who act immature.


This is a teachable moment for the kid, so I’m sure you can appreciate that.

How does one respectfully heckle someone?

“Excuse me, sir, but your game could use some work!”



Cam is one of the greatest athletes to ever play in the NFL. He was the reason Auburn won the National Championship. He was the main reason Carolina made it to the Super Bowl. He is an MVP and an All Pro. You get a chance to work with someone who has that on his resume, and you act like a douchebag?
I have met him and he is a genuinely great guy.

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I’ve never been a big Newton fan, but the kid is clueless about life. Can you imagine being a teenager and being lucky enough to meet and be coached by a national champion and super bowl QB? I would have been in heaven as a teenager and simply hoping I would be lucky enough to get an autograph or a picture with him. If he’s disrespectful to an NFL star who is volunteering his time, just imagine how that kid talks to his parents and treats his teammates, friends, etc.

Cam’s retort of “I’m rich” was so classy and set the standard for a teenager to learn from. But he was an MVP so… This is an “incident??!” My gosh, these players talk trash to each other all the freaking time. It’s their second language. But a kid busts some balls and this? I just wasted 5 minutes of my life I can’t get back… Fans heckle. I wish I got paid the kind of money these players do to have to deal with disrespectful heckling…


I thought Cam handled it well. I have to tip my hat to him. That was some crazy ass holyshitness by that kid.

Yupong is right…early intervention is the key

Cam has never been one of my favorites - not close.
Dude was a clearly superior athlete that I rooted against, much the way I do A.Rodg. Cam is a really low emotional intelligence guy, for sure.

Cam was getting triggered by what the kid said. What if he didn’t care what the kid said, and didn’t need validation from fans and money? Instead of…“I’m rich…” something more like, “Buddy, I’m volunteering to help you better your career, right now.”

When we recognize someone is gaslighting and/or invalidating, we have the choice to:
a) Respond and act out, trying to invalidate their words, in order to validate ourselves.
b) Ignor it.
c) Give them the significance their injured/incomplete ego wants in a way that DOESN’T feed into their unhealthy pattern of seeking significance.

You can’t help people that don’t want help. This youngster wanted to validate himself in an unhealthy way by deprecating someone who is light years ahead of him in the very area of life that he draws his own ego/identity from. Narcissistic, to say the least.

I would probably have tried to help him feel validated in the form of love, instead of just ego-oriented significance. Most likely, he would not have responded (in front of his friends, anyway).

The kid set out a bait pile, and cam walked right up into the crosshairs & stepped into the drama triangle with him. It turned immediately into a significance contest, as soon as he said, “I’m rich.”

Cam would have served the kid well to ask to speak to the kid alone - Almost zero chance that kid acts like that in a one on one. Don’t address what people say…address only what is real.

Same with dudes on a message board. Don’t take the bait. Some people are trying to feel important and seek to be significant in an unhealthy way. Why not give it to them? If you see a human soul that needs to feel important, let them feel important. Who cares who is “right?”

We validate people by sensing what they need and giving it to them in a healthy way.
When folks are trying to pull you into the drama triangle, they are seeking significance. That’s why gaslighting is a thing. That’s why Narcissism is a thing. It’s why grandstanding is a thing. It’s just a series of unhealthy means by which people seek to get their needs met.

We all do it sometimes. When I catch myself doing it, I look for healthier ways to meet my own needs and recognize the insecurity within myself and work on forgiving myself for feeling unworthy in that area and taking it out on another human. You get stronger, more centered, and connected to deeper truth every single time you do that.


I’ve always liked Cam Newton. He can’t throw very accurately, but he has more on his resume as far as accomplishments than the entire Detroit Lions organization.

So true. IMO - Great athlete - very subpar role model.

You are making this about Cam. This should be about the kid, and that’s how most view it. This is a teachable moment for Jseth.

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It can be done. I was at a tigers/Diamondbacks game and a 20 something was heckling the tigers center fielder. It wasn’t anything malicious. It was actually pretty funny. He would say things like “ I bet you’re the kind of guy that eats pizza with a knife and fork.” I’m not sure how the tigers player felt but it made me laugh.