Killing 3 birds with 2 stones

Atlanta trades Ridder, #8 & and 4th round pick to Detroit for #6.

Detroit takes Gonzalez @ #8

Then Detroit uses the 4th, a 2024 3rd to move up from #18 and grab Branch (or possibly Witherspoon/Porter, depending on if any of them went before our pick).

Detroit solves CB issues and back up QB issue in the 1st round of the draft.

The exact compensations for moving up and down can vary but the general idea is to walk out with 2 top DB’s in the draft AND a back up QB. Brad has doubled up on positions of need in both of his drafts (2 DT’s in 2021 and 2 DE’s in 2022). 2 CB’s may be in the mix for 2023.

If I was the GM, as the draft approaches I would at least have a conversation with Atlanta to see if their is any interest in moving up to #6 if a QB falls.


Killing 3 birds!? I’m calling PETA.

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How about 2 birds?

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Stone 2 birds at once eh Ricky?


One of my favorite documentaries! Love that one.

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Actual footage of what it was like to watch Matt Patricia put together a gameplan:
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Unfortunately they messed up and thought it took place in the future… when it actually took place in 2018

Why is Atlanta trading Ridder?


I think most would accept

Not sure why ATL would gift the Lions, but you never know I suppose

Did you rewatch Idiocracy this weekend?

BC he’s not a great NFL QB prospect? :man_shrugging:

No. But I went out with some guys from work this weekend. One of our bosses gave us something called “Liquid IV” to help us sober up quickly from the drinking. He swears by them. So someone said “its got electrolytes” and it took off from there. :rofl:


The whole premise is based on Atlanta wanting to draft a QB… If they aren’t sold on Ridder being a franchise guy and want another, it’s really hard to try and develop 2 young QB’s.

They would have to give up something to move from 8 to 6. Ridder was a 3rd round pick last year.


I was good till it reached the 18th pick lol.

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Rewatch it? It’s live.


So true

So we’re trading a 1st round pick for a 3rd round backup QB?

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We are trading from 6 to 8 for a 3rd round back up.

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Yep. 3rd round. When it comes to Ridder, Three’s Company.

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That’s not exactly what he was saying. :rofl:

But in a way that is what the Packers did when they traded a 1st round pick for a backup QB in Atlanta that had just been drafted in the 2nd round the year before.