King: NFL ‘has to do something’ about missed false start flags | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC


Been watching football for over 40 years and I never knew about the loophole within the rule for false start. Interesting watch. Bottom line, Taylor wasn’t guilty of false starting:

This is like arguing that you were doing the speed limit in the getaway car after the bank robbery.


Lol, something like that.

Just interesting that I never knew about the loophole, and even more, that more OTs haven’t been taking advantage of the rule. You’d think every team would be teaching their OTs how to flirt with that loophole.

Let’s be realistic, they are going to crack down on the false starts, and likely the Lions will be in the crosshairs of the crackdown, because that’s the way it works. Don’t be surprised when the yellow hankees start flying against the Lions offensive line tomorrow and be even less surprised when some of those calls are exposed as being completely bogus, because officials love to make the Lions the poster children of any new enforcement, even when the Lions were the ones victimized in the first place. Tell me I’m wrong…


They don’t “teach it” because they are not fans of a team trying to pretend they didn’t commit penalties. They are real life coaches.

Some of the false starts were egregious, but the way bigger issue is him lining up illegally all night long.

Bigger than that was the HOLDING that wasn’t called. It was the Samkon Gado of performances. He could lose 3 different ways…the refs chose to ignore all of them.

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Now we know why every time we hear that an opponent has weakness on their offensive line due to injuries, the refs allow them to do so much holding without flagging it.
Expect a lot of holding today.
Maybe they will start forcing Hutch and Houston to wear ankle weights.