Kinlaw before brown?

The more and more i read on Kinlaw the more i like to draft him even before Brown. I seen where KInlaws comparison was to chris jones . if you were drafting for your DETROIT LIONS and your choice was ONLY kinlaw or brown who would you draft? NOT who do you think is the best player but who would you draft that fits what the lions want to do? I say KINLAW.

Kinlaw is both the better player and would fit our system better.

For me it’s Brown over Kinlaw …I like them both . If both are available when ever we pick I take Brown over Kinlaw every time. I think Brown will be a stud DT , a run stopping beast , Kinlaw could be the same but I could also see him bust and be a guy that relys strictly on his upper half power and when it fails or is evenly matched just another good DT but the potential is very good to be more…I cant see Brown being a bust at all .

On the basis of what I read here (since I do not do research) I think I’d rather them take Kinlaw.
I believe he has a more diverse skill set?
I think the Lions favour that diversity

Definitely Kinlaw for me! Love him in a trade down

I’m not sure how he is a better fit, we like big run stuffers like brown, I love Kinlaw my self but hes more of a pass rusher and and would be a waste sense that’s not something Patricia believes in. His 3 man rush would fit Brown more I would think.

Brown for me, he understands line play better

I kind of see them as Apples and oranges. If we’re looking for splash plays and upside than Kinlaw is the better pick. I think Brown’s floor is pretty high though. Not quite sure about his ceiling.

I like Brown. if you read Daniel Jerimiah’s top 50 he looks like a can’t miss.
He obviously studies the game as he has multiple moves that make him a tough match-up. Kinlaw is more risk/reward and that is not Quinn’s MO.

Kinlaw might have more upside. His explosion off the line is much better, and may be an overall better athlete. But he doesn’t do much with that explosion. Has trouble getting off blocks and finishing plays, at least compared to Brown. Doesn’t drive guys back the same way Brown does. If Kinlaw can get stronger and refine his technique, I think he can be the better player but right now I think Brown is better.