Kiper and McShay alternating 3 round mock

McShay made the odd numbered picks and Kiper made the even ones.

2 - Travon Walker
32 - Desmond Ridder
34 - Lewis Cine
66 - Channing Tindall
97 - Isaiah Spiller

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I kinda hate it.

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I’m ok with it except for Spiller, so many other needs. I understand why they did it, but no.

A little over a week before the nonsense ends


I think we’re all ready to move past this. Most of us still realize this is a 3 year rebuild to hopefully respectability. Year 1 done, 2 more to go. I don’t believe Goff is our future starter, but hope I’m wrong. The game is evolving, I’d prefer Willis in a trade down, or The Cincinnati QB at 32/34. No one knows, not even the Lions, until the draft unfolds. I think it will be a DE at 2, than who knows. I just want athletes with speed, guys who can make a play. The draft last year seemed to be their philosophy, this year who knows.

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I know. It’s like the Cabrera 3000 hit thing. SO tired of all the hype about it. He’s going to get there and bully for him, but DAMN…STFU about it already. It was the same bullshit with the home runs what, last year? Or was it the year before. Gawd how these people carry on.
OK. I’m done.

This would be a worst-case scenario for me.

Replace Ridder with a WR and i could get behind this draft.

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