Kirby on Rome

Enjoyed this interview, seems like a personable young man… glad we drafted him.


I can’t believe Rome still has a job or that ppl watch him. Such an inauthentic guy. All about the drama, be it “good” or “bad”

Love me some Kerby MF’n Joseph though.

Love how he lights up for Houston & Coach Dan. These cats root for e/o big time.


Oh my goodness what a cool interview, thank you for posting that!

What an awesome story he shared about Bobby Roundtree and the number 97. That had to be incredibly impactful on him… you know those times in your life when something happens and you can immediately relate it to something else whether it’s logical or not, just like those moments when the cosmos seem to align for you? That’s gotta be what that was like. What an incredible story.

I knew Rome still had his show but don’t know where it is… I remember 1130 WDFN would have his national show on from noon-2 or 3 every day before Stoney and Wojo, and when I could I would listen. He still sounds the same. Rack ‘em! Lol, he’s kinda like the sports Howard stern in a way.

Awesome segment and interview and so cool Rome on a national show is talking about the Lions still… that’s some good stuff!


Lol, he sounds the same now as he did 25 years ago when I first heard him. He’s the shock jock kinda, hard/hot take dude. He definitely made a name for himself, I’m sure there are other guys who came before but I recall him getting popular around the same time Howard stern did, I think it’s why I relate the two in my mind.

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My first memory of him is calling Chris Everett (rams QB) "Chris Everett Lloyd (a woman tennis player).

Rome is not good to other humans and is a very self centered guy.


Yeah I remember that… he was definitely in the wrong… though I heard stories about that being staged as well. Who knows. I definitely understand why people didn’t like him

Classic “little man” syndrome.

Rome was talking about the lions before joseph. He’s like, “i have kerby joseph on the show today. Yes, i know the lions aren’t in the playoffs but how can you not love the lions and what they did. Im going to continue to talk about the lions” or something to that effect.

He also loves the husker fanbase. I can see how he can be too much though.


I can’t stand Rome… but I do laugh at Caliendo impersonating his ridiculousness….


For a Jim Rome interview that was top notch. He wasnt an ass at all. Ive never seen him not be an ass. Maybe that shows a little personal growth?


I think he is a fan (as much as he’s capable of), and ALSO sees the money and ratings if he can get as “in” as he can with Detroit.

Look at his energy, not his words.

No such thing as a more disconnected, inauthentic person.

If you’re not on the same page with yourself it is impossible to be on the same page with anyone else. This guy is very, very disconnected.

Polite & cordial is a start…but it still feels very agenda driven to me.

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He’s no different than Stephen a smith or skip bayless. He fits right in with the tabloid journalism we have today. That’s why I don’t watch any of it.


Blocked! Blocked!

I only listened to him for a bit, but found it funny when he could fill a whole segment with a text from someone trying to get blocked.

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Jim Everett slapping the piss out of him is one of my all time favorite TV moments:


I wish he would have scared him more. Rome knew there were laws protecting him, & that’s the only reason he shows up that way. That professional athlete would beat his ass. I would have love to seen him choke him out and whisper in his ear “This is what it feels like to die” (cuz it is).

Not injure him, just a massive ego check and scare the piss out of him.


Natty what the hell man, that was dark brother

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I’m a very joyous guy on a day to day basis, but there is a reason I understand darkness as well as I do. There is a place for it, and you can create peace with it…within yourself. When you understand your own darkness and come to peace with it, it helps to de-tensify everything. Life becomes more peaceful when you stop judging your own darkness.

I started writing and giving this the proper response it deserves, but recognize I just don’t have the energy for it right now, brother.

I hope this helps you to understand a little bit.

Sometimes I know ppl are critical when I make this sort of post, but I really feel honored to serve you guys (when I can). Try to maintain teh right balance of NOT being “unsolicited advice guy” & “conscious contributor” that is here to serve you.

I guess you just caught me off guard for a minute there bud lol

I think almost every time I’ve ever “gone dark” in my life it has caught ppl off guard.

I was the kid that started martial arts and weight lifting when he was 13 so he could gain engouh strength to defend himself from his own father.
That’s some of it, along with my makeup(just who I am naturally).

My shaman told me “You…Peace & Love Only”… and it’s true.
There is also love that comes from the dark…like defending a wife/ child…it’s yin/yang…it’s masculine to feminine AND dark to light polarity.

Shaming & judging darkness is still shaming and judging. If we understand where it comes from, we can be at peace with it and not take it personally.

It’s like when we talk about warrior energy. Some of the guys that have never really been in the space of physical confrontation will see that shit as totally different, based on their perception of their lens. Some folks shame & judge thier darkness and it shows up more passively or inadvertently.

I need to create more work around this topic. Strength & Darkness …how it is actually a very LIGHT thing to have full access to these & use it for goodness.

Sewell & Suh are perfect examples of how it can look different.
Suh → Quiet, reserved, holding it in…it comes out in unclean ways. He lies about it “I tripped on him”…no…ya stomped him
Sewell → crying and pouring out the energy… telling teammates he loves them, is proud of them, is going to war with them… watch what happens when someone late hits him or a teammate… Can you see the darkness there? TOTALLY! They use it in different ways.

Both are pure warrior energy, but one is like a naughty child that is acting out (please don’t tell him I said that, cuz I honestly love the guy)… Suh looks like a huge 6 year old throwing a tantrum at times. Look at his face…he looks intense, but almost like an intense little boy that isn’t getting his own way.

Then…Look At Sewell…His energy is sure of himself AS A MAN…NOT juuuuust as a warrior. Suh is a little boy that can get his own way with power and brute force. Sewell is a GD full grown man energy that knows himself as a MAN…aaaaaannnnnnnd he also uses his warrior in both dark and light (driven by light), but sometimes darkness comes in.

Watch the energy, not just what’s happening physically.

Watch this video.

We ALL are all things. when we judge it, we perpetuate the pattern…we amplify it and show up even more childish.


How very 2021 of you to think those are real things.


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