KJ 125 yards rushing today

I can’t wait to watch him run against the Packers D


KJ quickly approaching 800 yards in his career as a Lion. has 767. after KC game. 125 THIS season.

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He had 125 yards just today???

Would have won if he had 126…oh well, cant be too pissed off with the effort today.

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If they had whistled forward progress when they should have he probably would’ve got 126… And a touchdown on the next play


I’m pissed off at him. He lost us the game. But he’s going to be big for us so I’m not stressing long term

Forward progress or not he was reckless with the ball.

I’ve played enough football to know that one play by one player doesn’t win or lose football games

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Husker i am pissed too, but I realize he just wanted it and was careless. I truly believe they messed up by not calling forward progress had stopped but we didn’t play to the whistle and it cost us.

That’s simply a cliche IMO. Spotting 14 points against a team like that is absolutely crippling.

Again, not a radical take IMO. I get what you are saying, the rest of the team still could’ve picked him up. But it’s clearly the most. Influential play of the season as far as a single down impacting that particular game. It’s not particularly close either IMO.

That’s all I’m saying. You won’t find a ton of plays that costly.

That’s true. It was instinct. I get it. I’m sure he’s really hurting right now. I know he’s a warrior and I’m glad he’s our guy. He’s going to be a hero this year as well. I’m sure of it.

I still stand by my take that this L is on him. It was just that big of a play.

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Husker I get your point and agree with the 14 point swing but can’t look at one play in a vacuum unless ots final play of game.

Had they ruled him down by contact and we retain the ball, every single play after that one is potentially different, amd who knows how it all plays out.

I agree it was huge and believe he will more then make up for it, but cant blame the outcome of the game on a third quarter play…even one of this magnitude.

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Fair enough. Question for you: if we punch it in there do you think we win the game?

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He looked slow to get up and seemed to limp off on a couple occasions. Our roster got pretty banged up today.

I think we win if the DB catches the game sealing INT no matter what happened on that play


Sure. That would’ve been a helluva play. I get your point. Still if I was asked by someone who didn’t watch the game, what player was it today that Lionized the game away?

The answer if KJ and it’s not particularly close IMO

Too be honest…yeah I think we do. So I see your point. Just think the W would have come from grinding out the clock more then we did as we had to pass (although I think the balance was perfect) to keep ahead in the leap frog game.

But I get your point and do agree to an extent that that play tipped the scales.

I feel like I’m probably just going too far down the semantics rabbit hole here.

I think we all feel to some extent that KJ made a bad mistake and that it was the most costly mistake of the game. I’m fine with accepting that as the consensus.

Like I’ve said, still a big fan of the guy. Going to be huge for us this year if he can stay healthy.

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I think we see this very similarly, KJs error was a tough on to overcome and we almost did but it was just too big of a point swing.

Yep. You’ve summarized my point of view much better than I did. If GB plays run defense like they did in Thursday KJ is going to go nuts. His redemption is coming soon.

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