KJ YAContact

Interesting stat - KJ has 126 rushing yards on 48 carries (2.6 YPC) through the three games. All 36 of Johnson’s rushing yards Sunday came after contact, and so far 84.1% of his yardage for the year has come after contact.

The Oline has to open more holes and the passing game needs to make defenses pay for stacking the box. This is what they mean by using the pass to set up the run. I think the Lions have telegraphed so heavily this year that they are going to commit to a run game, defenses are forcing us to beat them through the air

Is it scheme or personnel?

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I hope we invest multiple high picks into the o line again this year. I also hope we re evaluate Jeff Davidson. I think once we can run the ball at will we will turn the corner.

People can blame the OL all they want but until we make opposing teams pay for playing “8 in the box”, you simply aren’t going to see much difference in our results. Our OL players are being blamed for the failure of Patricia and the OC to punish teams for scheming against us, successfully, and making us one dimensional. I don’t think that we need a better OL or better running backs as some have also suggested.


Based on age, expiring contracts etc, expect OL and DL as top priorities, with LB next, then WR.

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Yes, Wagner is finishing his run and we need an OG and there is Deckers contract to consider. DL needs the replacements to be in place when Snacks and Daniels move on as well as the potential departure of Robinson. On OL I believe that we may have no choice but to let Decker go eventually because someone will pay him. We save $6.5 million if we let Marvin Jones go next year, but he still costs less than $10 million if we keep him so that will be an interesting call. Really nice to see what kind of roster that you can put together when you’re not in cap hell. I would bring Amendola back for sure but yes, WR is likely to have 2 openings in 2021 so you need to get those future holes filled. LB, for me, depends on whether they plan to start running the 3-4 as a base on a full time basis.

But but but KJ doesn’t break arm tackles and goes down on first contact… That’s what a few people on here would have you believe anyway.

Please…not again!!!

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