Kyler Murray crow!

I’m having it for breakfast!

Kid looks like a stud and is gonna clown the Lions defense next week!

Normally I’d be upset but it’s just another nail in The Quintricia coffin! So I hope he has a career day!


Kid will go off running it and passing it.

Good on you for eating your crow. I was pumping Murray’s tires as a generational athlete and he is proving me right. Many on here were laughing at Murray and what a dumb idea it was to take a midget, athletic QB 1OA… these were also the same people doing cartwheels when the Lions drafted Okudah.

On Sunday Lions fans will get to watch another young QB who is better than Stafford.


I was with you on this . I wanted to trade up and get him . I was hoping Arizona wouldn’t pick him at 1 . That is were it started for me . I also wanted Tua or Herbert . Herbert looked amazing yesterday.

Truthfully, I didn’t believe in him. Dude is gonna be better than I thought

He was my favorite QB prospect since Luck, but we never had a realistic shot at him so it’s not a hard one to get over (same with Burrow). We’ll always have to look at Tua and Herbert and wonder what if, but next year’s class has at least 3 great prospects too, provided they come out.

Man I hope we get one of the top 3 prospects this year . Im so tired of watching the same qb for the last 11 years . I need to see some new blood . Watching Herbert yesterday was fun . The Chargers fan base most be super excited .

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We both gushed over him

Yeah, it was just so obvious that his size limitations wouldn’t come into play cause he’s so quick and an elite slider too.

That said, and even though it’s counterintuitive, I think we will do better against him than Washington and SF. We’ll sit back and force him to throw, whereas SF and Washington are both pressure teams. He thrives against pressure teams. We won’t stop him or anything, and he may well throw 4 or 5 TDs and certainly I expect them to win, but it will be different from his first two games.

Are you saying it will be different because they will have the lead the entire game this time, instead of us grabbing a lead and then blowing it?

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I’m saying we will attack him very differently from most teams by trying to keep him in the pocket with very little pressure. He’ll have ALL DAY to throw. But it will be a unique experience for him, and he struggled mightily against us the first time around until we went into our famous prevent. Granted, first game of his career, etc… and the talent around him is better. I’m just saying it will be different. I don’t expect us to slow him down much.

Tasty crow. Me too.

I was wrong too. Kid is a baller.

“He’s too small, he’ll never last.”- anonymous poster

Isn’t it funny how quickly Arizona went from being a crap team to a team everyone expects the lions to get handled by?

See how fast it can happen folks?


I never understood this argument that some made. He’s not much smaller than Wilson. I made that argument at the time to those who tried to call him a midget. It was shocking to me how stubborn some were on this.

Murray 5’10 1/8 and 207 lbs
Wilson 5’10 5/8 and 204 lbs

Murray has the potential to be as good if not better than Wilson if you ask me.

What are folks thoughts about D’Eriq King? Not
the same arm talent as Kyler Murray but I think it’s in that Lamar Jackson range and he’s a terrific athlete.

I watched him a lot at Houston and it was hard not to compare him to Greg Ward. Better passer (a little) and an equivalent athlete. Same height. He looks a lot better so far this year, granted, but his arm’s nowhere near as talented as Kyler/Russ/Dak/Allen all the rest of the athletic QBs.

I’m pretty sure I was one of the first (if not the first) to say that KM would be pick #1 overall. I remember some saying something to the effect of “if KM is the first player taken I’ll eat my hat”…I think you know who you are.

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You quoted someone ? … Who made this statement or argument ?

I’m 99% sure you weren’t …Did anybody think that Murray would not be Kingsbury’s pick at #1 or somehow they would do anything else ?
Not thinking Murray was deserving of the #1 pick or the best QB in that class is not the same as Arizona would do something different or look elsewhere at #1 once Murray decided that he would forgo Baseball and enter the NFL .

Again who is this mysterious poster you quote you have to know since you quoted them ? I don’t remember anyone not thinking Murray would go #1