La Canfora says Bielema to interview

For DC job. That guy parties more than any coach I’ve ever seen. Hock would like him, he’s got an Iowa Tat on his leg.

This is just dumb. Only NE guys for the gig. This is what happens when you hire a HC that only knows one team and one system. I hope this guy doesn’t get hired.

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I’d like this hire. Aggressive guy. That’s mostly what I want. Someone to reorient the defense into more of an attack posture


This story was debunked yesterday, he’s not interviewing


This is who I was expecting MP to target.

I must say it’s interesting at the lack of coaching positions we have yet to replace. I hope this doesn’t turn into a shit show.

That particular fart has already been cut.

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I think he’s be a really good hire. Dude acts like a clown at time but he can coach

You guys see the part that he’s not interviewing, right?


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Look 4 posts up :wink:


But it seems like that is being overlooked in the last couple posts.

Oh, well, nevermind then lol

I thought Bill B has an understanding with his coordinators that get HC gigs is that they don’t poach the Pats coaching staff on the way out.

I saw … thus the comment about the lack of positions filled and hoping this doesn’t turn into a the shit show.

That didn’t stop Flores.

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True. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, just that Bill frowns upon it. Thinking long term for Matt’s career, I think it would be wise for him to not burn the Bill B bridge.

Brendan Daly is my guess for the DC position and we are waiting . He was probably a hands off candidate when Patrica was hired being a Patriot staffer . Has done a good job with the D-Line in KC and would be someone who would be familiar with what Patricia wants to do .