Ladies and Gentlemen I Present to You

2022 Lions QB Dustin Crum from Kent State.

Let’s face it, whomever wants a QB this year will likely have to wait. This kid is my prediction to be the “Zach Wilson” outta nowhere QB that people start talking about for next year.

Kids got the juice…

from wiki:

“Crum entered his senior season on the watchlists for the Davey O’Brien and Manning Awards.”

I’m predicting he’ll be one of the 4 generational talents available at QB in 2022. Maybe we should expect this bounty going forward?

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Interesting highlights. Looks to be a decent athlete and has a great deep ball (though you’d have to watch full games to know for sure). He seems like a quick thinker too, I loved the shovel pass and the angles he took while running.

I’m not sure how strong his arm is though? It’s hard to say, some of those deep passes look a little loopy. He also puts a ton into those throws, like his whole body. My hunch is it’s just an average arm, which is fine, Burrow didn’t have a cannon, neither does Mac Jones.

Boyle says hello.

I’m on the Emory Jones bandwagon early. I want an athlete at the QB position if you can’t tell.

If a non power five QB climbs to the top of the ‘22 draft I think it’ll be Carson Strong. That guy has a howitzer. He’s probably a 4.8 type of athlete though so that may hold him back a big given modern preferences.

I like Strong for sure, it’ll be interesting to see how he does without Doubs. I think Malik Willis might have the strongest arm in college, him or Rattler. And he’s a great athlete too. Playing for Liberty he’ll have the same competition issues as Lance though.

If I had the choice I would do whatever it took to land Spencer Rattler. I like my QBs extra douchey and Rattler has it in spades. :joy:


Matt Corral is a talented asshole as well. The Jeff George archetype (though neither can sniff his arm talent of course).

What happened to Doubs? I thought he was coming back.

Oh is he? I thought he was a senior so I just assumed he was in the draft.

Some good small school WRs went back. Probably on account of all of the talent and depth in this year’s class. I really liked both Doubs and Jalen Tolbert of South Alabama.

Or we can just keep Goff who will be coming off yet another Pro Bowl season at QB, Rodgers, Wilson, and Goff…mark it down as the 3 Pro Bowl QBs in the NFC.

Starkle is a good arm talent from sjs.

I’m thirstin’ Howell.

I think he’s going to blow the roof off, Joe Burrow-style, next season.

Pro Football Network is thinking like I’m thinking. (But I don’t think the Lions are going to suck enough for the first overall pick. Perhaps they’ll package to move up there, though.)