Lamar Jackson missed Thursday’s practice for Ravens

Maybe he’s being traded too.


I’d take Jackson for Goff and Collins straight up :rofl:


Just a stomach bug.

He should probably quarantine in his basement for 2 weeks, don’t want to spread that bug.

Go Lions! :slight_smile:

They are going to trade Jackson for Collins. They want Collins to get intel on our scheme! Oh those tricky Ravens!

On ESPN it just scrolled Lamar Jackson’s status and it said “illness.” Is that how they are officially listing him?

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I read on yahoo fantasy football’s website that it was a stomach bug.

Looks like we’ll be facing the Ravens with Jackson on Sunday.

A stomach bug definitely sounds like he needs to quarantine until Monday.

Part of me thinks its the hip but since they didn’t list it on Wednesday they would get in trouble with the league.

It’s the ‘why do i need to practice this week when we have a bye on Sunday’ virus

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