Lamar Jackson receive NON-Exclusive franchise tag

Really surprised he didn’t get the exclusive.

$32.4M Non Exclusive Tag.

Before today, he was fine without an agent. Now he really needs to get an agent. Offer sheets.

I don’t think that teams that don’t have their original 1st this year can make an offer to Lamar (not 100%). This includes Denver, Rams, NO, Cleveland, Miami, SF.

Las Vegas - Maybe
Tampa - Maybe


Interesting! The Ravens are clearly open for business. If someone signs Lamar to a massive deal, and the Ravens don’t match, they will only receive 2 1st rounders, which is nothing compared to what some of these other teams got in the Russel, Watson, and Stafford deals.

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I feel like the non-exclusive tag is the proper course of action here. The biggest downside is receiving 2 first round picks. And its the only avenue to potentially create a win/win.

What was the quirk that Roquan Smith found out about representing himself last offseason? Wasn’t he unable to talk to teams during a period of time where agents were allowed to talk to teams?

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So’s Lamar, but he really needs the contacts and expertise of an agent. They will clearly earn their 1%-3% fee for this negotiation.


I like the move.

You get a contract you like, or you get 2 firsts, which you can spin w your 1st into a QB on a rookie deal and bring in a vet t0lo bridge him depending who he is PLUS free up 20ishm cap space.

News Alert-Lamar Jackson has thrown like crap excepting 1 year. Yes, he needed better receivers, but given his style/injury history/passing ability, Im not payi g him 48m a year and guaranteeing 66%of it, at best case.


That is shocking.

ATL is almost certain to make a move on Lamar IMO.


I heard they’re very frustrated with negotiations (mostly because he represents himself) and decided, essentially, to let some other team do it and if they’re willing to match, they’ll match. If not they’ll get 2 1st round picks.

I also read where Dan Snyder and the Commanders might just give Lamar what he wants, the fully guaranteed deal, as a final ■■■■ you on his way out the door.


Atlanta will NOT be in on the Lamar sweepstakes!

Or maybe not. Or maybe they’re blowing smoke

I agree, how many more years can he play that style!? The Ravens clearly agree with that or they would have locked him down a long time ago. They have concerns long term, and they should.

Carolina could tbh, but they do have a valuable first

Still quite a bit of picks in day 2 snd 3 aswell to restock

Also his contract is arguably one of the most important ones in recent history

If he gets similar to watson, qb market for high end qbs are gonna be ■■■■■■

From the latest Matthew Berry article:


So the first part already happened.


Great move by the Ravens imo. This solves their problem.

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Isn’t Matthew Berry a Fantasy Football guy?

Also, there has been talk about letting other teams negotiate a contract for Lamar (non-exclusive tag) for well over a year. Florio wasn’t the first that suggested.

I think people are confusing Watson’s deal for a benchmark instead of an exception. What happens with Jackson will clarify that.

I could be proven wrong, but I wonder if the league is taking a collective deep breath before handing over an insane salary to any QB that hasn’t proven to be at the caliber of the Mahomes, Allen, Burrow ilk.


It started with Kirk Cousins and got even bigger with Watson. Lamar is trying to keep that same energy for his deal. And someone in Lamar’s shoes has the ability to demand that kind of a deal. He is going to make a ton of money over the next 3 seasons if the Ravens try to tag him each time. So there’s no reason to settle for a lesser deal. Russ deal is essentially a 3 year $124M deal fully guaranteed at signing. Then some pay as you go years added to the back end.


Yeah predominantly, though I think he’s sort of trying to move into a league insider position ever since joining NBC. This was from a “things I heard at the combine” article.

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Which is a weird pivot. The levity and self-deprecation is what makes Matthew Berry who he is.

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