Landon Collins Rumors

Reports are saying that Indy and Detroit are the front runners. If it comes down to money, Indy is going to get him. They’re going to be big players in FA and I think they’re only a few players away from being VERY good. In my opinion, I don’t think we should go north of $12 million a season to land Collins, you have to draw the line somewhere.


Sounds pricey…bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

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Well, it isn’t one of what I would say are this team’s highest priorities, so yeah, you gotta draw the line somewhere. I dunno what Collins’ real value is, but it’s probably unwise to pay more than he’s worth considering the need isn’t that great. Love to have him though.

I don’t think it goes north of ten. They have no reason to reset the Safety standard. He ain’t turning down 10M.
Flowers is projected at 14M.
Can’t think of a better way to spend 24M

12m is a lot. A LOT.

12m for Collins or 8m for a CB 2 or 13+M for Flowers…or 11-12m for Moseley.

Hmmmmm. Given the edge talent, unless the think White is the next Star LB, I woukd rank them

Moseley, Flowers, Collins, CB2 your pick

Moseley may be technically available but staying home has the inside track there.

You could realistically and financially do Collins, 8OA edge, and CB2 with a TE in rd 2 and then pray a diamond in the rough LB shows up in rd 3…

Vegas prop bet has the Lions as the significant favorite to land Collins at +225, next 3 teams are the cowboys, chiefs and bucs @ +400. As far as the numbers go, Harrison Smith signed for 10.25 million a year 3 years ago, Collins is going to get around $12 million/year, probably more.


Im all in on Collins. Seems like all the giants players we get fit right into our scheme. 25 years old and 3 probowls? Sign me up!

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Wow, you really can bet on this stuff?

I kind of agree with you here. This guy is a difference maker. I say pay the man.

Go get him and Flowers! Trade down and draft a CB. I’d be happy

I also think we should send an offer to TE Dimitri Harris…I think he’s got potential

The Lions run a ton of 3 Safety sets so safety is an important role for DET.

Collins is an in the box style safety who struggles some in pass coverages. He’s arguably the best in the box safety in the NFL. Asking him to cover goes against his strengths. Teams that run two deep safety sets or have interchangeable safeties or teams that run a ton of deep safety zone packages won’t see the value in him. Because in those defenses he will be asked to cover too much.

The Lions love to run 3 safety sets or cover 3 type defenses. MP runs a ton of man coverages and they frequently keep a Safety off line or up in the box. So Collins to DET makes a ton of sense. His strengths are what we need.

Because of these reasons I do not expect Collins to bring top dollar. However it only takes two to get into a bidding war and jack up the value. My guess is he gets a contract worth about 9-10 mil a year unless the bidding gets crazy. I expect BQ to bow out if that happens. I highly expect us to be buyers if the cost stays under 11 mil a year.

So essentially TJ Lang for Collins. :pray:

Actually, yes.

Redskins. 6yr. 84m…wow!

He just got $14 million per year, I told you so? Lol

Rather than start a new thread, thought I’d use an old one.

#Redskins made Landon Collins the highest paid Safety in league history with a 6-year, $84 million contract this off-season. So far, he has forced 0 INTs, 0 Fumbles, 0 Sacks, 0 passes defended. He’s also missing tackles [was also penalized on this play]

Sometimes, the best free agent signings are the ones you don’t make.

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