Laporta carted off

sounds like it initially

MRI should confirm though

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It isn’t as bad as it seemed. They kept him out as a precaution.
But, yeah, let’s keep freaking out until proven there is nothing to freak out about.

I will say, if it’s not an ACL, that’s a bullet (partially?) dodged—if it was more serious, we’d be looking at him missing most of next season like Hoch.


Yeah at this point I’m just hoping we have him at full strength next year. Love to be pleasantly surprised by a quick turnaround like with Ragnow, but that would be a pretty big surprise.

Ready for Laporta for the NFCC game

Possibly round 2

If he isn’t out for the season, his legs are made of rubber and his body should be studied for science. That NFL doctor, who is usually really accurate, believed it was a non-ACL, but instead a sprain of a ligament that would not require surgery (out several weeks). That seems in line w/ Dan’s comments.

But I’m open to being pleasantly surprised.


Commies INT

There’s a thread, brother.

Yeah, I know I started it!!! :joy:

Old man syndrome is kicking in today…

“It’s not good.” Direct from the head coach.

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It’s weird we hurt Hock and Vikings hurt Laporta. Sucks.

Well, it was a nice season. Always something with these Lions though, never just works out. See ya next season.

Better than losing to Chicago and missing playoffs…

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Becky from Kalamazoo weights in on the injury^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1744122922216698137|twgr^449476f22892cdfd77d5eb49b66ec3d6410db432|twcon^s1_&

if MRI confirms this

best case scenario holy shit


That was one ugly ass looking bone bruise.

Amazing news compared to what it could’ve been

Out for the Wild Card

Question is if he will miss divisional if we get there or not.


Will be back for super bowl at least

If it’s the acl which sounds like we might have avoided… he may not play until 2025. It’s already Jan 7th. Min is 8 to 10 months… a lot of times more

Sure hope it’s just an MCL sprain

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